England Shall Rise!

Northern Ireland vs England

So as part of the peace agreement for Ireland the Government of Ireland Act 1920 was repealed and replaced by the Good Friday Agreement.

Yet, The British Nationalities Act 1981 completely removed the English Identity ethnic or otherwise with complete silence from the British Media.  Although we are clearly defined as an English Indigenous People under UN Law, ECHR and English Law.

This is entirely against a number of UN declarations; the Electoral Commission has allowed SNP (socialist) and Plaid Cymru (Socialist) to represent the people of Scotland and Wales but refuses to allow a true Conservative view of England via the English Constitution Party (as Churchill once stood).   The Rule of English Law.

My Question is why do the British support a British Supranational state that is bent on destroying England?  

Why do British Media never allow the English opinion on Self-Determination (our right under international law) to be aired?

A second Party for full independence for Wales is in full swing (YesCymru).  The polls show England has a greater independence chance than Scotland or Wales yet has never been given the opportunity, not a single English only referendum.  (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/may/01/plaid-cymru-welsh-independence-wales-nationalists) and (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-politics-58519193)

The last question; are you English or British?

Magna Carta 1215
John Bingley, Still one of the best presentations I have seen.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

22 thoughts on “England Shall Rise!

  1. My Dad George Gould was passionately English so am I. He said you can be born in Timbuktu and call yourself British…I was arrested by Herts police, hand cuffed and slung in a van and imprisoned at Hatfield. My crime? Asking a polish bloke who block my drive with kids and cases if he was foreign and did he speak English? Herts police condemned me for racist hate speech for asking is someone spoke English. I will support English Independence! Linda Willis.

  2. The British know that they’ll lose their cash cow if England gets to sort itself out by and for itself

    This is why they’ve destroyed the power house that England is / was etc to stop us from being or becoming far greater than the British could ever imagine

    The British also never forgave the English for what Granville Sharp managed to inflict upon them – we gotta do another Granville Sharp to get our country back and make sure that we scupper them properly forever or we is all just slaves and serfs and might as well get vax

    1. I completely agree with your comments! Live long and prosper…for the ENGLISH…been a long time in retreat. Linda Iris Willis. maiden name Gould in the Domesday Book anglo saxon meaning golden haired.

  3. Are the UN dragging their feet on recognizing what the British are up to?

    1. Hello Phil, English is the INTERNATIONAL language, all pilots have to speak English. If they wish British Airways to go down, let it. Four pilots dead already with heart problems after having the Oxford Astra Zeneca vax. More to follow. I am un masked and un vaxed, as a Christian, God and Jesus will take me when ready not Boris and Bill Gates. The Queen was wrong to get involved saying anyone who didn’t have a vax is selfish, I never do have them. I have a heart murmur and it would kill me. I have told my dentist and doc in Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne and my MP Caroline Aherne.

    1. I was born in the Royal Free, Kings Cross, London…argued with Herts police over this. ENGLISH!

  4. Forgot to put that I’m 110% English

    I’m from the House of Montgomery “clan” – family seat in the House of Lords since 1105 a.d. and two members that sat shoulder to shoulder with Sir Winston Churchill in the Liberal Party

    Am I toff – no silver spoons here ☹️

  5. I am English born and bred.
    I was born in 1955 at the city General hospital Newcastle under lyme , Stoke on Trent.

    English born English bred
    No British rumbling round in this head.

  6. I was born in the English Midlands, as were my parents. I speak English. I’m English. I don’t speak Welsh or Gaelic nor do I identify as Welsh, Scottish or Irish. Yet my passport and other documents say I’m British from the United Kingdom as there’s not usually or hardly ever an official form with a box to tick for England or English! It’s time we Free English People stood up and kicked the British GOON-GOV occupiers out. The tiny island of Alderney in the Channel Islands is one place where British GOON-GOV tyrants and criminals may be held and tried in Nuremberg-style tribunals for heinous crimes against We The People. We need to organise local militias, as recognised in The Bill of Rights 1688, to protect The People’s rights against tyrants illegally usurping power.

  7. We are the sleeping minority now small of numbers , and yet when we wake we change the world for millennia time to lift the shutters of the politically correct ideal of identity and let the light shine out from with in .

  8. No more lib/lab/con round-a-bout. FROM TODAY 16th NOVEMBER 2021 WE ARE “THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY” – FREEDOM FOR ALL. We will now be in the history books for all time to come. BLESS YOU ALL.

    1. I voted Conservative as fully paid up member of UKIP. Nigel Farage encouraged us to vote for anyone who wanted brexit. With some trepidation I voted for Caroline Ansell. Since then she has flagrantly abused that trust. I have highlighted the problems with the RNLI free loading illegals on a daily basis. I told her I was upset to hear that Eastbourne mayor welcomed refugees from Afghanistan especially woman. Her reply:- “regarding those welcomed to Eastbourne from Afghanistan I am sorry to hear of your concern. I do however feel it is important to highlight their situation. Afghan nationals brought here during the evacuation were done so because their lives were at risks as probable targets of the taliban. A proscribed islamic organisation. Their lives were at risk primarily due to two possible reasons. They fought with or alongside our own troops against the taliban. or they were working to implement and install western ideals such as womens rights”…I reminded her that the recipients of muslim gang rapes by pakistani men ..immigrants to this country deny women any rights at all. Conservatives have been even worse than labour and that is saying something.

    1. Yes, but they are not ethnic english or indigenous english. The same as a white person in America in not a native American Indian. Indigenous is ancestral. The reason we are white in we live in northern Europe, the Island of GB is just that an Island. It contains two Country’s and a Principality. England is unique as a distinct culture and legal system, because we are on an island. South Africans are white and black, but only black can be regarded as Indigenous to Africa. https://englishconstitutionparty.com/2021/11/22/international-law-declarations-and-covenants/

      1. Hi Graham,

        With your reply you have set me a quandary.

        On my Father’s side – His umpteenth grandfather’s family were forced to leave France back in the 1500/1600’s by the then King, or die!

        They came to Suffolk. One of them, Daniel Doe went to Wales, His son, Charles Henry Doe Married Mary Ann Bowen (the same blood line as Laurence Llewellyn Bowen – our link is the engraver Emanuel Bowan 1700’s) He was an umpteenth Great Grandfather to both of us, although Laurence has no idea I exist! Emanuel was from a Welsh family.

        Mary Ann Bowen Doe had my Father’s mother, again named Mary Ann Doe. She married Edward Mayo, also born in Wales. They had my Father Charles Edward Spencer Mayo who married my Mother, Annie Elizabeth James.

        On my Mother’s side – Everyone going back centuries are all Welsh.

        When I did my DNA it says that I am 89% Welsh and the rest is French! My sister was born in Bangor, Wales. My two brothers were born in England, as was I.

        So that is one heck of a quandary!

        Here is something that will make you smile – According to my DNA – My 8th cousin is a MOORE.

        I suppose all of this makes me indigenous Welsh even though I was born in England two weeks after my parents moved here????? OUCH!

        My Uncle Llew was appalled that my Mother didn’t teach us the Welsh language. I was brought up on the Constitution, the 10 Commandments and Sir Winston Churchill. Never mind – we can’t win them all! LOL!

        It is now 4.18am – see you tonight at 8pm – THE CONSTITUTION IS THE SOLUTION AND NO SURRENDER.

        Fond regards, Pam (Pam in Welsh means WHY)

        On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 10:44 PM English Constitution Party wrote:

        > Graham Moore commented: “Yes, but they are not ethnic english or > indigenous english. The same as a white person in America in not a native > American Indian. Indigenous is ancestral. The reason we are white in we > live in northern Europe, the Island of GB is just that an Island. ” >

      2. Good afternoon, How do you feel about Prince Williams’ comments on the Jeremy Vine show today, that we should, “All be LESS British!” Also do away with Nativity plays. That is alright sonny Bill…I am not British, I am ENGLISH! Linda Willis.

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