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Northern Ireland vs England

So as part of the peace agreement for Ireland the Government of Ireland Act 1920 was repealed and replaced by the Good Friday Agreement.

Yet, The British Nationalities Act 1981 completely removed the English Identity ethnic or otherwise with complete silence from the British Media.  Although we are clearly defined as an English Indigenous People under UN Law, ECHR and English Law.

This is entirely against a number of UN declarations; the Electoral Commission has allowed SNP (socialist) and Plaid Cymru (Socialist) to represent the people of Scotland and Wales but refuses to allow a true Conservative view of England via the English Constitution Party (as Churchill once stood).   The Rule of English Law.

My Question is why do the British support a British Supranational state that is bent on destroying England?  

Why do British Media never allow the English opinion on Self-Determination (our right under international law) to be aired?

A second Party for full independence for Wales is in full swing (YesCymru).  The polls show England has a greater independence chance than Scotland or Wales yet has never been given the opportunity, not a single English only referendum.  ( and (

The last question; are you English or British?

Magna Carta 1215
John Bingley, Still one of the best presentations I have seen.

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