Anyone that asks for a manifesto should be referred to this document, one of England’s constitutional statutes. This is our Manifesto, FREEDOM.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.


  1. Great job Graham we must keep pushing this out and we are winning and there’s no stopping us now mate especially with your knowledge and us behind you. ECP for ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH!!

  2. Haha…..Perfection!

    I believe the modern parlance would be…..
    “If It Ain’t Broke Why Fix It”

    Of course…we The English are aware that successive generations of professional politicians have…..

    Broken It By “Fixin’ It”

    Time to Rise Up and put the “Fix” on them …..

    Any Scaffolders out there …. please apply!

  3. A one size manifesto to fit all who choose to comply, a chance for us the people to really get behind a party for the people.

    Simply a simple solution.

    The Constitution Is The solution

    1. They won’t let me send to my Son they called it ‘pfishing’. I know what I call it. Traitorous. Linda Willis

  4. Time to open Traitors Hill.
    These idiots in parliament work for us do as WE say not as they want. MPs with leg tags . Ffs .

    1. Patricia, the end for them is nigh, they are just too bloody ignorant and arrogant to see it. Also the royals. Maybe England can become a republic. Use Colchester rather than London as our capital city..English in my heart and soul. Linda Willis.

  5. can’t be seen to be racist or discriminatory when it benefits every single human being that is in England no matter race or colour or creed

    perfection is what has made it relevant for the best part of 1000years

  6. Boris needs a few e mails guys like the one Iv sent asking why he is ordering me to have a vaccine and wear a mask when HE is My Employee

    1. Hi Pat, My Mum wrote to Boris Johnson months ago. No reply. Remember employees can be SACKED. Linda Willis

      1. Arguing on Facebook doesn’t get it resolved. We need fine ENGLISH candidates for the most important job they will ever be asked to fulfil. If they cannot or refuse to call themselves English, you are free to leave. Linda Willis.

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