Many Scots have contacted me.  Why?  They are not SNP Supporters!

Many Scots have contacted me.  They are not SNP supporters! Why? The main reason is a breath of fresh air. We support Scottish independence and culture. We do not support socialism in any form.  We would not wish socialism on our enemies, let alone our friends the Scots.   

So why is it the Scottish National Party (socialists) and their supporters are so anti-English independence?  There are many reasons, but here in a nutshell is the key reason; their politics has left Scotland exposed. They have no economy, no industry and no way of supporting the 5m people that live in Scotland unless they get English or European Union taxpayer’s money.  In effect, when England says ‘enough is enough’ Scotland will collapse.  The Scots will be faced with a dilemma and decision.  Do we carry on with socialism without anyone to fund it, or do we ditch it?  From the response I am getting, the real independence-supporting Scots want an end to socialism.  That is the real reason the SNP hate English nationalism, but we the ECP are not English nationalists; we are constitutionalists! The Scots contacting me are also constitutionalists. We have synergy. That is crucial to why the SNP, Labour, Lib Dems and Tories don’t like us. We the people are not socialists.

So, the issue here is socialism and the detrimental effect on economies and the people!   

Jobs in Scotland are all directly and indirectly linked to England.  Whether it be in administration i.e. the tax office, universities, schools and health service are all paid for in some way by the English.  Even the journalists churned out from their schools and universities are socialists.  They wouldn’t understand a free-market economy if it bit them on the behind.  There was a great Scot called Sir John James Cowperthwaite who steered Hong Kong away from British interference.  Hong Kong is collapsing now because the Chinese Communist Party took over in 1997. Did the great Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith advocate for socialist redistribution? No, he touted the market’s ‘invisible hand’ and the tenets of classical liberalism. If both these great men could see Scotland today, they’d turn in their graves.

Now the Scots often refer to the English as the British.  I and the English are English in the same way as the Scots are not British; they are Scottish. 

A very influential and brilliant academic called Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn expressed disappointment about the conflation of ‘Soviet’ and ‘Russian’. Wow! So the Scots and the English agree on something. We both know the difference between an artificial political state (Britain) and true nations!  If ever a Scot or an Englishman wanted the history of the Soviet Union, look no further than the writings of this man.  There are many volumes and all true. 

So, getting back to socialism.  Why do schools and universities (all paid for by the state – that’s a clue) not tell the children the horrors of communism, fascism (Hitler was a socialist) or Marxism? Let’s start by counting the genocide (which includes democide) death toll under these ideologies?

We are now living in Soviet Britain!  We should do what all the others have done, take back our countries.  In the case of England and Scotland: vote for independence! 

When we void the Act(s) of Union, the British Debt goes with it. Void!  The world knows that too!  The British will be in administration, with no way to pay any debts as the assets are ours, NOT theirs!

With offers of five figure sums in donations and support (loans) by ordinary working people (mainly trades people and small businesses) and people who love the nations of Britain but not the British supranational state, we are going in the right direction. Polls are showing very large support for independence; English independence, not devolved powers given by the British colonialists.

Show 22 12 2021

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

4 thoughts on “Many Scots have contacted me.  Why?  They are not SNP Supporters!

  1. Hi Graham,

    Great post.

    I really could do with discussing some things with you.

    Some to do with England, some Law and Tort Law.

    I got something going on at the moment. Could do with bouncing some stuff off your mind processor brother, lol.

    Also , as an English Journalist, would be great to put it in The English Constitution Party New letter or something.

    Though there maybe one little element you will not agree with, as you dislike the terminology. It is only one element of things.

    I can happily accept there are somethings you do not accept, or percieve in the same way as others.

    So, I got no problem with you.

    I have watched you growing, and expanding in knowledge, and comprehension.

    You and I are pretty much in agreement on so much more though mate.

    So please , if maybe you could find time to have a brainstorm with me, be much appreciated.

    Take care Graham, love your passion to take this crap we been living in on.

    I would happily stand in what way I can to get MEGA back .

    God Bless.


  2. Bang on Graham, thank you.
    I recently read Solzhenitsyn’s bio and found it quite terrifying the way those poor people were lied to and terrified into a submissive tyranny.
    The similarities to todays world is so shockingly real.

  3. Great blog Graham , I can’t see the poll any where , but obviously it’s a big fat Yes to Full English Independence.

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