Our manifesto is FREEDOM

Vote and stand for Freedom

Our manifesto is FREEDOM. We are unique in deploying the English Constitutional statutes as our manifesto. 

What does that mean?  It means that the English Bill of Rights 1688, Magna Carta 1215 (treaty) and statutory versions are at our core.  The English have two major exports above all others: English Common Law and the English Language.  The former is literally the export of the first human rights laws the world had ever seen, in written form.  They are God’s Laws; inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by any parliament.

The current parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain had two state signatories: England and Scotland. This created the Act(s) of Union 1706/7 which unlawfully negated the Declaration of Rights 1688 (contract), Bill of Rights 1688 (statute) and other statutory constitutional laws such as The Act of Settlement 1701 and Magna Carta, amongst others.  

Why would political ‘elites’ seek to destroy our rights?  Because these rights were protecting YOU and future generations from tyranny.  Elected or unelected, people could not override these rights!  Yet we are now in a seriously abusive relationship with a tyrannical government, parliament and unelected civil service; all of whom which do not operate in your interest.

Your rights by law must be communicated to you!  If that is so, why is it you don’t know about your English Constitutional rights? Because, in the early 1970’s the British state unlawfully stopped teaching children about the English Constitution and the common law. The state removed the constitution from school curriculums.  If that was not bad enough, they then removed the examination of these laws from the bar exams and ensured future judges would not enforce your rights.  They stopped training police constables as peace officers with mandatory training on your rights and made them state enforcers. That was the Soviet System and is now our system. In the 2011 census, 19% (10m people) identified as British, with 57% (32.4m people) identifying as English.  I’m English, not British. The issue that the British have is simple; they do not have their own identity. They have sought to steal one from the English.  The concept of ‘British’ was created in 1706/7. This was followed by an unconstitutional and internationally unlawful act of parliament in 1981. 

The British Nationalities Act 1981 stole your identity completely.  It effectively removed English as a national identity, and sought to destroy England and its people, which is unlawful. Further to this, all British political parties (we live in a one-party state) acting in allegiance with the European Union (communists, and like Great Britain a supra-national state) divided England into regions. These were created to destroy and remove England as a country, which has been an entity since 927. 

Presently, it does not matter who you vote for as they are all British.  You’re voting for England’s demise and destruction via a propagandised system of British soviet control.  The British have always had a divide and rule strategy, all over the world.  The strategy destroys communities, and it is now seeking to destroy England. It is pure scorched earth. 

Do you get annoyed when no official documents allow you to say English?  This is all by design.  How many English men and women would vote for full English independence, taking England back to distributed governance at local level? How about a fully autonomous English parliament with a light touch that would not allow your constitutional rights to be interfered with? That is freedom. Your county, district and parish council given back their accountability to the people? This is all still there and can be taken back.  How many of you want an end to central banks and fractional reserve banking?  Every county could have its own banking system as the Magna Carta intended.  Yorkshire Bank, Lancashire bank, Essex bank? The British are terrified of the English.

None of this affects the Union of the Crown.  That happened in 1603.  All we are doing is taking back England and removing British tyranny. We the People are rising!  The English are rising.  One last thing.  Do not believe the British propaganda that to be English you must be white.  That is a divide and rule tactic of the British.  Naturally, there is an indigenous white population, but minorities have existed in England for centuries. However, we the English stopped slavery, not the British, who wanted to carry on with it.  English Judges Sir John Holt first declared that slavery was unlawful in 1702.  Holt was famed as a supporter of civil and religious liberty. He judged that slavery could not exist in England, stating “as soon as a negro comes to England, he is free; one may be a villein in England, but not a slave”. This was said around 1702 during a trial involving an escaped slave.  Further to this, Granville Sharpe, a tailor from Durham, England helped the slaves and was instrumental in abolishing slavery (Somerset v Stewart, 1772).  Yes, an Englishman of the working class and a layman in English common law from Durham stopped slavery in common law jurisdictions. They do not teach you that in school, do they?  This decision by an English judge had unintended consequences.  It ultimately caused the U.S. Civil War in 1861.  The British are the problem.  Learn real history.

There is only one political party with freedom at its heart. We are the English Constitution Party (ECP). We need candidates and voters!

To be English you simply swear an oath to England, to liberty and freedom. To be English is to be free!

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

16 thoughts on “Our manifesto is FREEDOM

  1. For those of us who proudly identify as ENGLISH, this is indubitably and indisputably a Tour de Force exemplar of our enshrined core values. From a much cherished TRUE ENGLISHMAN.

  2. England and freedom is my birthright, I will support you any way I can,I’m based in Halifax West Yorkshire England.

  3. If you want true freedom back the English Constitution Party is the ONLY party that deserves your vote. It does what it says on the tin and can only be changed when WE the people define any changes by referendum. The british have done everything at home and worldwide against the world’s populous as they seek to control every aspect of your life…this is no way for free People to live! The time is now upon us to make things right and once more it is time for England and the English to step up to the plate! The English Are Rising! TEAR

  4. brilliant I’m English and proud Graham,  never surrender to tyranny kind regards Kevin Sent from my Galaxy

  5. I am English and proud. My vote is for the English constitution party the only party for the English and England. Time is now to take England back.

  6. I cannot believe how this slow relentless of the British grip has tightened on our nation and its people has gone largely unoticed by us all myself included.I allways thought I was more aware of the ways of Governments conivence but I am now more awakened than I ever have been.It is a revelation that We now have a chance to stop this lunacy in it’s tracks God willing it may be reversed with the emergence of this new party.This is long overdue and long may it endure We the people should support You GM and the party . We will not get a better chance of bringing back sanity to this great nation I wish You and the party every success now and in the future.

  7. One for all and all for one.thanks Graham Moore for keeping me sane.if i can be of any help posting leaflets or standing in runcorn Cheshire what ever you need.

  8. The English Constitution party is the only party that believes in Englang English people and a English Parliament along with Freedom and our Rights

  9. The English Constitution party is the only party that believes in England English people and a English Parliament along with Freedom and our Rights

  10. The English are rising which is why am not surprised that the british are pushing the vax so hard – they’re trying to make sure that there aren’t enough older age people that remember the English Constitution and the protections afforded to English folks

    Am English not british

  11. Great article, thanks for sharing this

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