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Pensions and pensioners living in poverty.


The English Constitution Party are the only party that supports and campaigns for a National Living Wage Pension for pensioners, ageism is unlawful discrimination against people with no money to fight back.  You may be older, but your vote is as powerful now as it was when you were 18. The power of your vote does not age or weaken with age, your voice will be heard. 

Increase the state pension to £19,760 a year (2022) (£380 a week)

The Government should raise the state pension to match the yearly equivalent of the national living wage (NLW). The NLW is rising to £9.50 an hour (i.e. £19,760 a year for F/T 40 hour per week), which we are told is needed to live, yet pensioners are expected to live on a state pension of £7,376 a year. 

When you elect an English Constitution Party (ECP) candidate you elect an individual who solely represents their constituents in the Commons or Council chamber. This is as it should be. There will be no manifesto of false promises, as our manifesto is the law of the land; constitutional statutes and holding the state/council to account. An ECP MP/Councillor is not there to support their party, the party leader, the police, the judiciary, the bar, the Solicitors Society, the General Medical Council or any institution. 

They are there to protect you. They protect their constituents from the power of the state. There are no whips in the ECP, other than to say they will obey the constitution of England and always give way to the inalienable rights of the people.

The greys are the most powerful group of “protected” (Age Discrimination) people in England yet every party treats them badly and with complete contempt, except of course the ECP.  Pensioners and the middle aged out of work are treated so badly that most live in poverty. If you are over 45 and all you will have to retire on is the state pension when you retire the English Constitution Party is the party for you.  If you don’t get active now you will be living in extreme poverty.  If you want proof ask a pensioner (Nan, Grandad or your parents). 

If you are over 50 and cannot get a job 9/10 it is age discrimination.  Very difficult to prove but the statistics do not lie.  How can you force this onto the political agenda?  Any person over the age of 50 who cannot get a Job paying £19,760 for a 40-hour week would be eligible for the state pension!  Why?  It will force government and the courts to seriously look at age discrimination.

Can it be paid for?  The simple answer is YES.  It is also one way of stopping mass immigration as this directly effects the over 45 to 67.  Open door mass immigration also directly affects 18- to 25-year-olds as they are living in a demographic and economic time bomb (we are living in it now).  Over regulation of the labour market and a fascist/communist state.  We must do something to stop this now.  We are real constitutionalists, real conservatives, we are for working people, trades, unskilled labour and pensioners.  

This petition is not mine but I signed it.

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