The Conservative and “Union Party” seek to con the English yet again! (possibly)


Unherd’s article and my response below. The last six paragraphs are key to understanding what the Tories may do . . .

The problem: 

One thing people tend to overlook is the Marxist attack on the electoral college in the USA.  Why do they attack the electoral college?  Because it is key to keeping urban areas from hijacking America and the American Constitution (the American Constitution is mostly English). In much the same way, London has hijacked England.  The metropolitan bubble otherwise known as the ‘EU region of London’ mirrors Washington DC.  Washington DC is an autonomous zone, similar to the City of London where the ‘usual rules’ don’t apply. Washington DC has hijacked America and centralised power under the supposedly federal government. With this over-centralisation has come a rising tide of corruption and myriad abuses of power. Never has Lord Acton’s quote been more apposite: ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’.   

The Solution:   

The answer to our problems lies in radical decentralisation. This would return England to counties, districts and parishes, install an English Parliament and voiding (not repealing) the Act(s) of Union, thereby removing the EU regions. This is the opposite to levelling up, which actually means the parasitical class mirroring the London EU region across the rest of England. Their (Lib, Lab, Con) levelling up is actually levelling down the rest of England.  Return London to Boroughs and reinstate the original boundaries of Essex, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and remove the Marxist London Metropolitan Police.   

We need to reinstate our traditional industries: fishing, shipbuilding, coal, gas, oil, steel and farming.  We can reinstate our real English apprenticeships within these industries which were destroyed by the parasitical class.   The political class.  The political mafia.   

England is a traditional conservative country hijacked by Marxists.   Remember that Great Britain is an island. Within that island are two countries: England and Scotland, with a principality called Wales. Scotland has been hijacked by Marxists.  Wales has been hijacked by Marxists.  England as a conservative, hardworking nation has been surrounded by British Marxist colonialists and attacked from every side.  We the English are a direct threat to globalism, communism, Marxism and socialism.  Why else would Karl Marx say “Every communist revolution has been shipwrecked on the rock of England”. He didn’t say “Britain”. The artificial British colonial citizen has been created by ‘Soviet Britain’.   

The not-so-civil service should be removed in its current form.  The senior echelons of this parasite class ensconced in Whitehall are those really running the country. They drive the implementation of the cultural Marxist ideology in our country, including the institutionalised grooming of primary school children. We can institute the new English Parliament in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York or Hull. The Palace of Westminster can be reopened as a museum of treason and corruption. This is in the same vein as the Soviet Secret Police HQ in Budapest, which has been transformed into the House of Terror Museum, summarising the post-war communist coup and resulting reign of terror. Westminster will be a relic no different to the Politburo of the Soviet Union.   

The insidious influence of the non-governmental organisations will be rooted out. How many organisations promoting open borders or the climate change narrative are funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation?  

We need to rebuild England from the ground up as a traditional Christian nation.  Put England, God, the Constitution and the traditional family back into our schools, colleges and universities. Take England back from the parasitical classes called globalists (a globalist is another name for communist).  

Marxist Britain has left our pensioners to starve or die from the cold.  We the English Constitution Party will not allow this to continue.  You built this country. You and your ancestors fought for this country. We respect you and want you to live a comfortable life in retirement.     

The only people that can turn this around is us, the English

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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