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Traditional English Pubs

Make England Great Again

Make England Great Again

The English Constitution Party fully supports traditional English pubs and wants to see them claimed back as an English communal right.

We need a ‘tax axe’ on beer and spirits and to put pubs back at the heart of English communities. The landlords will dictate what is and is not allowed in the pub, not the government. We can give the public a choice of non smoking and smoking pubs. Traditional pubs for a traditional England.

We believe that successive governments i.e. the British Establishment, has deliberately targeted pubs to remove a key social aspect from the English working class. It is an English tradition to have a common meeting place and to have a beer with friends and family after a day’s work, or to chill at the weekend. This is seen as a threat to the state.

The British have targeted pubs as the mainstay of English life. We can and should reclaim them with the help of landlords, both freehold and large scale businesses.

My Grandad ran a pub in Hammersmith not far from the Fullers Brewery. His pub was demolished to make way for the Hammersmith flyover. It was a community spirited pub and highly successful.

Campaign for abolition of tax / duty on beer and spirits in pubs. Make them, as well as England, great again

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