A petition for referendum to Her Majesty

How do you explain to people who have fought for [veterans] and supported [citizens] the British establishment, that the British establishment, is in fact an enemy within?

What they perceive to be a Country is in fact a political union?

Their perceived sovereign (HMQ) powers have in fact been usurped by that same enemy (British bureaucrats).

How do you show them virtually everything on these subjects they were taught is a lie?

How do you explain that parliament is not sovereign after decades if not centuries of indoctrination to the contrary?

Lets start with the basics. Great Britain is an Island. That the island contains two countries (England and Scotland) and a principality called Wales. England and Wales share a Judicial system called common law. Which comes from customary laws and precedents set by our Judges. This common law system is or was the foundation of England. Scotland has a different legal system that is totally the opposite to England’s Common law system.

English common law = The English can do anything they like unless strictly forbidden in law. Mainly in compliance with the ten commandants. The least amount of state control.

Scottish roman law = You can only do what we write you can do in law, anything else is illegal. i.e. it must be written in law else its illegal. The maximum amount of state control.

The most important part of the explanation is the detrimental effect of the political union is having on England. The reasoning that any political union that appoints a third party in this case the British Parliament as a beneficiary of that union creates an artificial state with its own interests and not the peoples interest at heart. Other examples of political unions are the USSR and the EU. England has been a nation since 927 and developed a culture under its common law system of freedom and liberty. This is now under attack from the British political union and the EU who share a common legal system with Scotland. Administrative law. or Roman law. Most importantly the British union is the seed of global governance, the seed of the one world order, the seed of a unipolar order and the seed of hell on earth.

There are of course other fundamental laws passed by the British Parliament that have helped create the system we now have, paramount of which and we were warned is the Parliament Act 1911. This created the political class as we know it today and the civil service that really runs the countries (England [Wales] and Scotland ) who are unelected bureaucrats and the public have no recourse to their unlawful decisions and more importantly their plans and strategies that were not voted on by us, in effect an invisible manifesto of unelected bureaucrats. If parliament cannot bind its successor then why is it that the bureaucrats can?

Any one that stood up to the EU in England was called a swivel eyed loon a racist and a xenophobe. Anyone that stands up for England against the British supranational state is called a racist and a xenophobe. Can you see a pattern? The only people that do not want nation states are globalists, communists.

Nations and Regions of the UK, an EU construct to destroy England.

What do the British describe Scotland as? A nation.

What do the British describe Wales as? A nation

What do the British describe Northern Island as? A nation (although BBC show the Irish republican flag, when we all know it should be the Ulster Flag)

What do the British describe England as? Regions of the UK

England is not described by the British or the EU or the UN as a Nation. Regionalisation in the terms expressed by the colonisers (British) is classic divide and rule.

After reading this you must understand that stronger together means to destroy England forever. No English nation, no English counties, districts and parishes, no English history, no English common law. England ceases to exist.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

3 thoughts on “A petition for referendum to Her Majesty

  1. I just joined, and then I saw your letter to the Queen
    I don’t like the grovelling “most excellent majesty”. or “humble servant” bits
    This seems to contradict the whole point of the movement in which we are all equal, or did I misunderstand that bit? I am, however prepared to go along with getting the queen on board to help England get free again, being a member of the English people.

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