President Putin: what does he really stand for? His speech at 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum says it all!

I will take excerpts of his speech and I’ll post here his last comment first: “Still, it is obvious that it is up to the strong sovereign states, those that do not follow a trajectory imposed by others, to set the rules governing the new world order. Only powerful and sovereign states can have their say in this emerging world order. Otherwise, they are doomed to become or remain colonies devoid of any rights.”

I want people to think about that statement. Think about how the British colonial state has unlawfully taken from us the English our right to keep and bear arms. They took our guns! Then look at Russia. Russia has given back to the people the right to keep and bear arms and protect themselves and their family. Any government that trusts the people with guns you can trust. Now look at the Democrats in America. What are they doing? Trying to take the people’s guns. Look at the British. Look at Australia, NZ, Canada? Now look at the British and America supplying Ukraine Nazis with heavy artillery and 10,000 rifles, to fight an alleged tyrant. I have never seen a tyrant that allows the people to have guns, have you?

The old USSR is gone, no matter what the British tell you and want you to believe, Russia is not the USSR and Putin is no Godless communist.

“People’s living standards and prosperity are the most important demographic factors; the current situation is quite challenging due to several negative demographic waves that have recently overlapped. In April, less than a hundred thousand children were born in Russia, almost 13 percent less than in April 2020.

I ask the Government to continue to keep the development of additional support measures for families with children under review. They must be far-reaching and commensurate with the magnitude of the extraordinary demographic challenge we are facing.

Russia’s future is ensured by families with two, three and more children. Therefore, we need to do more than provide direct financial support – we need to target and direct the healthcare system, education, and all areas that determine the quality of people’s lives towards the needs of families with children.”

PUTIN is actually promoting family and having children. The state helps families with the cost. He is doing the reverse of the unipolar Satanist new world order depopulation. There is so much in this speech that goes against the deep state (Satanists).

“Let me emphasise that generating positive momentum in terms of household income growth and poverty reduction are the main performance indicators for government agencies and the state in general. We need to achieve tangible results in this sphere already this year, despite all the objective challenges we face. I have already assigned this task to the Government.

Again, we provide targeted support to the most vulnerable groups – pensioners, families with children, and people in difficult life situations.“

“Pensions are indexed annually at a rate higher than inflation. This year, they have been raised twice, including by another 10 percent on June 1.

The minimum wage was also increased by 10 percent at the same time, and so was the subsistence minimum – a reference figure used to calculate many social benefits and payments – accordingly, these benefits should also grow, increasing the incomes of about 15 million people.”

Increasing the incomes of 15m people. Wow!…creating the environment for private business to thrive. It’s like old England before the Industrial Revolution.

“Russia will never follow the road of self-isolation and autarky although our so-called Western friends are literally dreaming about this. Moreover, we are expanding cooperation with all those who are interested in it, who want to work with us, and will continue to do so. There are many of them. I will not list them at this point. They make up the overwhelming majority of people on Earth. I will not list all these countries now. It is common knowledge.”

Mr President, may I ask that you add England to that list.

“To reiterate, technological development is a cross-cutting area that will define the current decade and the entire 21st century. We will review in depth our approaches to building a ground breaking technology-based economy – a techno economy – at the upcoming Strategic Development Council meeting. There is so much we can discuss. Most importantly, many managerial decisions must be made in the sphere of engineering education and transferring research to the real economy, and the provision of financial resources for fast-growing high-tech companies. We will also discuss the development of cross-cutting technologies and progress of digital transformation projects in individual industries.”

For those interested the full speech is here.
I suggest you read his speech.

President Putin is lowering taxes, reducing regulation, promoting small businesses, promoting and helping farmers and rural communities; the exact opposite of British governance. Fixing long term government loans to businesses at a fixed interest rate and encouraging entrepreneurs to start up. Jeez, and this is a commie according to Boris Johnston. Putin is more a conservative than Boris will ever be. Putin is also saying that government research and their findings will be made available to the private sector so they can improve and benefit from them.

Seriously, President Putin please recognise England as a separate Nation and support our Independence, then we the English can rebuild our Nation and help the world to become great again! Remember, voiding the Acts of Union rids the world of the British empire and returns colonies to the people. What the world gains in return is England and the English, Scotland and the Scottish, Wales and the Welsh and an independent Northern Ireland, just like the Isle of Man (that never was in the EU).’

I’ll be talking about this speech Monday night 20/06/2022 – on The Full English Show –

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8 thoughts on “President Putin: what does he really stand for? His speech at 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum says it all!

  1. I’ve known since the “Russian” incident a couple of years ago that Putin wasn’t what the british said he was. I have never and never will trust these british parasites to have a truthful bone in their bodies and look forward to the day that England can become great again as it once was before the intervention of our british class liars and thieves. They have lied and cheated by pretending things are not what we know and their time is coming and hopefully very, very soon!!! Thanks for the education yet again Graham. Perfectly put.

  2. President Putin is a good man. He is alone with the Ukraine. He is trying to fight the NWO, the WEF, the democrats of America and their 40 gain of function laboratories and the deep, deep swamp all by himself. The Ukraine seems to be the heart of the NWO corruption. The people who are against him have really shown their hand now. Every single one of them, including the british, have now proved how corrupt and democidal they are.
    As a legal political Party are we allowed to contact President Putin to let him know we are trying to do the same in a legal way. That we, the people, do not approve of boris’s actions, that we want our independence from the british and our own ENGLISH Parliament?

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that Putin, or indeed Trump, who I regard as the real president of the US, are not the people that government and MSM would have us believe they are.

    However, it appears to me that it doesn’t detract from the possibility that Ukraine was timed just right in assisting the propaganda machine/governments to persuade many people at home/abroad why the ‘green new deal’ is necessary, eg Putin cutting of oil, gas etc. and they are forging ahead with their plans. Aware Putin doesn’t appear to have cut off any country yet, but as we know fear is a powerful mechanism.

    IF that is what happened, this leads me to question how friendly Putin really is. After all he was recognised by Schwab as a young global leader and hasn’t been topped.

    That said I acknowledge the possibility that Putin is on the right side of humanity and that the propaganda machine/governments are merely using the Ukraine war to its advantage. I remain undecided.

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