FTX conspiracy is British controlled

The shocking truth. Organised crime and Intelligence services are combined and they do not have your interest at heart. Two videos for viewing January 1st 2023.

British – William MacAskill born William David Crouch 24 March 1987 (age 35) Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. Does it not seem strange that William MacAskill, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, all Scots have done the most damage to England and the English common law.

The shocking truth of the largest global fraud ever and one of its controllers. Why did Rishi Sunak run out of that panel on stage? what was he told? The real truth about the British will I think be unveiled this year.

Did you know that Twitter buyer Elon Musk and Tesla are part funded by Chinas WeChat? Can we trust Elon Musk? Why won’t Trump return? What does Trump know about Twitter and Musk that we don’t?

Whitney Webb talks to Clayton Morris –

Whitney Webb the British are up to their necks in this

The book is good but a long and deep read. It reads like an international intelligence report and that is not a criticism. But here is the good news. The Audio version is out soon.

Whitney Webb speaks to Glen Beck

Whitney Webb has her finger on the pulse of the deep state. I’m shocked at her profound investigative journalism. But here is a question for Whitney Webb. what do you know and think of the Fabian society?


Vol 1
Vol 2

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