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Hull #StopTheBoats and Twitter Covid Files

You should of seen by now the left wing coming together – Marxists, Communists, Unions and MSM, even the police. Organised, funded and promoted the slogan “Refugees welcome here”. Tonight 8pm live rumble

The social media and mainstream media are acting as puffer fish. They have blown up their presence as if they are a majority. They are not the majority view.

The problem for the majority view in my opinion is apathy. But how have they become so apathetic? The answer is simple. By design. There opinions have been vilified by the ideologies of politics that combined we call collectivism. By talking of the created problems and never providing a solution. It creates apathy, by design.

Collectivism vs Individualism

Collectivism is any ideology or combined theology which has full control over you life, property and liberty and freedom. Communism, Marxism, Fascism, Strasserism and Fabianism are just a few. Communism is state controlled business and functions of society. Fascism is corporate and state control. Fabians are just communists in disguise. Literarily. These are all authoritarian regimes.

Individualism is the antithesis to authoritarian regimes and is another method of governance most closely aligned to the English customs, common law and constitution. This form of governance allows the most freedom and liberty in society. It stems from the customs of England’s tribes and villages, towns and cities over at least 2000 years. England one nation under God in effect is the oldest nation on earth since 927. This form of government relied upon distributed governance the complete reverse of communism and fascism.

USA was until infiltration the very best example of individualism and self governance. Which it adopted via the English common law and constitution.

So what is it that people are striving for in any form of governance? Social Justice.

Social Justice is not “Refugees are welcome here” where is the justice for the English Indigenous people?

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