Veritas – White Anglo’s dying – Targeted?

Tonight 8pm The Full English Show Rumble. I was shocked and thought I had misheard. This is not to alarm or panic people it is purely to inform. You’re not being told this in the commons or mainstream or any other alternative media.

Watch the three videos below all short clips from Dr’s on the Veritas twitter space.

MAD Cow Disease
White people dying targeted dna

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2 thoughts on “Veritas – White Anglo’s dying – Targeted?

  1. The corrupt government, supported by most MP’s on all sides of the commons could easily change the laws and make any invasive medical treatment ‘compulsory’ with monthly escalating ‘fines’ if you don’t agree to taking it. Or, they could hand over that responsibility (and our sovereignty) to the WHO that will also have the legislation in place to make invasive treatments compulsory to the populations of the countries that have signed up to their system.

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