UK Column suckered Richard Vobes/Neil Oliver

Who is William Keyte? He certainly is not a constitutional common law expert. I know a man who is. John Bingley

I agree with almost all that John says on the Constitution except his use of British anywhere (obviously). “British” is a political union between two parliaments in the same way as USSR eliminated nation states like Russia and Lithuania and replaced with “Soviet”. Who was in charge of national identity in the Soviet Union? Joseph Starlin was the commissar of identity. What have the British done? The same with the British nationality Act 1981 – erasing English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish and replacing with British Nationality. Internationally unlawful.

Neither Richard Vobes nor Neil Oliver should be surprised by the deceit of UK Column or The New Chartists as they are committed socialists with training by the British to deceive people and use their training to attack England. Omission is FRAUD. Omission is now criminal offence as well as a tort contained in the 2006 Fraud Act.

The Guardian and Jewish News rightly refer the new chartist website as anti-Semitic. Israel was created by the British after being bombed into submission by Irgun a Jewish terrorist group. Hamas use their terror flags on the streets of London supported by Sadiq Khan yet if the Jewish flag is displayed it is attacked (much like the English flag). Jews supported restrictions on Jewish immigration in the early 1900’s even sending Rabbi’s to Central and Eastern Europe telling the synagogues to stop sending Jews to England. They loved our culture and constitution and knew it was causing cultural issues.

The complete opposite is true of Islam. There intention is to over run and create a global califate.

Dr Zev is a Jew and was a wonderful person who saved many lives. Sir Jimmy Goldsmith loved England although he was French and a Jew.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

One thought on “UK Column suckered Richard Vobes/Neil Oliver

  1. It’s well over due for the awakened English to tool up, there is no democracy. I live in Manchester and it’s like living in downtown Fallujah. There will be more grooming and killings by foreign imports before the sheeple are broken from their state induced trance.
    I will never forget Alan Henning, the Manchester Arena 22 and the endless state sanctioned rape jihad.
    The mosques are our barracks,
    the domes are our helmets,
    the minarets are our swords,
    and the faithful are our army.

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