Rotherham protest S637EQ

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The white English community of Rotherham were the subjects of horrific rapes of their children. This was covered up by the British Government, British Parliament, British local authorities including social services, British police, British media and every element of our British colonial society.

We have the international human right to protect our culture and people from this government sponsored attack. Yet again, Rotherham and the white English girls are at risk from sexual attack. This time from undocumented illegal migrants crossing the English channel. Housed by the British government in local hotels.

When will it stop? When we as a people rise up and change the way we are governed. Under English constitutional law the legislature and the government (executive) cannot govern in such a way as to cause rebellion. There has to be a rebellion on a large organised scale. This stops when we say it stops. It cannot be temporary we need to void the British Acts of Union 1706/7. The political Union. If needs be we need to void for bad faith the monarchy.

The Communist party of great Britain are behind the attacks on these communities standing up. They are a minority.

Rotherham S63 7EQ Protest 18th Feb 2023 2pm

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