Ohio disaster. Chemical fire. Reporters being arrested.

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This is a disaster where journalists are being arrested for reporting on it. The balloons and the UFO’s are a distraction.

This looks as bad if not worse than Bhopal India 1984 where they are still treating the casualties. https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2014/12/bhopal-the-worlds-worst-industrial-disaster-30-years-later/100864/#:~:text=The%20gases%20stayed%20low%20to,15%2C000%20killed%20over%20the%20years.

This is deadly serious, chemical fire in USA, Earthquake in Turkey. Not all wars are fought for boots on the ground. I hope to have an Ohio man on tonight to discuss what he knows.

General Flynn has said follow these two for more info.

Follow this rumble account. very inspirational


David Morgan https://twitter.com/david_r_morgan interviews James Harvey

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