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Yorkshire Rose, Unpleasant

Talk TV presenter @IsabelOakeshott states that Yorkshire Rose @YorksRose_84 is an unpleasant sounding organisation and the organiser of a protest in Rotherham.

Miss Oakeshott is stating and promoting propaganda from the Communist Party of Britain the people who caused and smashed up and set alight to the planted 8 year old police van in Liverpool [i.e the police instigated the arson in conjunction with communists]. Communist Party of Britain have stated and propagated the knowingly untrue statement that @YorksRose_84 has organised this protest in Rotherham.

Why? Because Yorkshire Rose is a Wife, Mother and Daughter who is a normal working class, polite, friendly, non aggressive lady concerned about her community and family. They, the Communists and Talk TV see her as a weak woman that can do nothing about their lies and they are attempting to vilify her as far right. She is not far right. This deliberate lie is intended to provoke harm to a lovely family lady.

Evil Communist Party of Britain and Talk TV propaganda

The organiser as they well know is @English78905490 an English, working class man from Yorkshire. He is entitled under English common law and ancient laws and customs to warn his country men and women of the dangers.

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