In the matter of English Constitution Society v. British Government, Parliament, Monarchy

Remedy antiquo

We, the English Constitution Society on behalf of the subjects of of England in the Jurisdiction of England and Wales hereby petition this Honourable Court to declare that the repeals and amendments made to the original English Bill of Rights are illegal, and to restore the Bill of Rights to its pristine antiquo form.

The original English Bill of Rights 1689, as ratified between 22 January and 12 February 1689 [21 days of the convention parliament], represented the foundational principles upon which our nation was built. It was intended to provide essential protections to safeguard the individual liberties of our subjects. These rights were not to be subject to the whims of changing political tides but were enshrined as immutable safeguards against government overreach.

The framers of our Constitution including Lord Somers, in their wisdom, recognized the need for stability in these fundamental rights and did not grant the government, parliament, monarchy or the judiciary the power to repeal or amend them outside of the original convention parliament that enshrined them. Any changes to these rights could only be made during the limited period of the English convention parliament ensuring that they remain unassailable.

However, over time, various amendments and repeals have been passed with relative ease, thereby eroding the essential protections the Bill of Rights was meant to provide. These actions are in direct contradiction to the spirit and intent of the Constitution, which sought to preserve these rights “antiquo,” or in their original form, unaltered and inviolable.

We submit that these amendments and repeals, which have diluted and compromised the Bill of Rights, are illegal, as they were enacted without the requisite adherence to the Constitution’s strict requirements for altering such foundational principles. In restoring the Bill of Rights to its “antiquo” form, we seek to reinstate the sacred protections that were intended by our Founding Fathers and ratified by the people.

We respectfully demand and pray that this Honourable Court take into consideration the original intent of the framers and declare all repeals and amendments to the Bill of Rights null and void. Let us return these rights to their “antiquo” glory, reaffirming our commitment to the principles that have guided this nation for centuries.

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Bowles V Bank of England Parker J 1912 Chancery Division
“The Bill of Rights still remains unrepealed, no practice or custom, however prolonged, or however acquiesced in on the part of the subject, can be relied on by the Crown as justifying any infringement of its provisions.”

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