Letter to The Lady Chief Justice

Dear The Lady Chief Justice Dame Sue Carr,


There must be certainty and consistency in Justice, else there is no Justice.

This case AC-2023-LON-003016 Charles Edward Staple v Attorney General underscores the unlawfulness and causation of the veto within Paragraph 135 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988, as well as the significant constitutional limitation on rights concerning private prosecution. You have removed our entitlement to a grand jury. You have revoked our right to private prosecution. Additionally, you have deprived us of accessing laws predating 1688, including the right not to be tortured (1640) by illegitimately allowing the repeal of Section 3 of the Bill of Rights (Convention Parliament). Prior to this veto (paragraph 135) we could prosecute torture. Furthermore, you have altered the interpretation of Section 2 of the Bill of Rights 1688, which originally stipulated that these rights could not be altered post the Convention Parliament, unlawfully giving Parliament the subversive right of veto on constitutional rights. In effect, allowing Parliament to proclaim itself as sovereign. Parliament cannot legislate against our Convention Parliament rights. The repeals were an unlawful subversion of an Englishman’s rights, essentially bestowing parliament with the unconstitutional authority to modify fundamental rights.

Consequently, this action has effectively bestowed upon the state immunity to torture subjects within the realm of England.

These rights represent my birthright (Act of Settlement 1701, Section 4) – heir rights – incorporeal rights. In consideration of Sir Mark Rowley’s public admission, “One officer had faced 11 misconduct hearings over sexual harassment, assault, fraud and other allegations. Some cases were proved, others dismissed, but they were dealt with individually; he wasn’t fired and he’s still serving in the Met,” and his statement, “We’ve been slacking a bit, removing less than one a week, maybe 40 or 50 a year. Based on this report, which clearly says that we have been far too soft, there must be hundreds in the organisation I need to get rid of,” it is crucial to emphasize the highlighted phrase, “in many cases criminal.” The public and I are at significant risk of torture. Last year, 23 individuals died in England and Wales due to direct police contact during arrest, with five occurring during restraint.

The situation remains of utmost concern and requires immediate attention to ensure the safety and rights of the public. The Default Judgment is being unlawfully withheld by the RCJ breaching your own rules. Are there separation of powers or not? Are the courts as broken as the metropolitan police?

Yours sincerely,

You could do even better and set up a full complaint. Takes about 15m. Do it for Charlie!


You also need to create an account in your own name here – https://jcio.microsoftcrmportals.com/ and

Judicial office holder is Lady Chief Justice.

Hearing number is AC-2023-LON-003016

date of misconduct 30/10/2023

hearing venue was RCJ admin.

Then make it clear it is a delay with Default Judgment. One you confirm email address it takes about 10 minutes to take you to next part. Then copy and paste text above.

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  1. Speedy healings. Courage.love and persavance to you, Charles and all the team. You have shown me the way, blessings to you.
    Reverend KG.

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