English Identity Letter, Local Council

IMPORTANT: Please either copy out or download this letter, send to your local council electoral department, and when you receive a reply send to me. I will use it in court case. Your Name and Address Council Electoral Department date Dear Sir/Madam I am English not British. My National Identity is English (my Country England)Continue reading “English Identity Letter, Local Council”

The English Constitution Party!

We the people, The English, cannot trust anyone that suckles on the teat of the British Establishment.  The Problem: The media, authorised and controlled by the British Ofcom, The Enemy of the people. The British Parliament with British MPs and Scottish MPs, Welsh MPs, Irish MPs but not a single English MP.  The English Monarch’sContinue reading “The English Constitution Party!”

What is the difference between British and English?

Why do the Scots, the Welsh or the Irish never get asked this question? Great Britain is an Island that contains two Countries England (Common Law) and Scotland (Roman Law) and a Principality called Wales (Common law). The key element here is mainland Great Britain, a land mass off the continent of Europe. In theContinue reading “What is the difference between British and English?”

English vs British

Churchill quote “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England.” -Winston Churchil Your children and family are being murdered and harmed by the British Supra National state! Yet you look for a solution and the solution is in front of your eyes, hiddenContinue reading “English vs British”

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