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The political union has failed Tonight’s show is the truth about the Political union aka the British Parliament. Border Farce and who created it. Literally who created it. This needs a proper good read. and here

The political union vs the Union of crowns

This is IMPORTANT and causes a little confusion so tonight i’ll explain. There are two unions. Monarchy vs Political 1. The Union of the crowns happened in 1603 relatively benign and constitutionaly needed as part of the protection system via the separation of powers. In England this power resides with the monarchy. In America it resides with the President.Continue reading “The political union vs the Union of crowns”

Merry Christmas from the ECP

The world is teetering on the abyss. An old corrupt guard “The British” faces off in an existential crisis with Independent nation states. One of which is Russia, the others are China, USA and the nations of the world that have grown up and want independence. Families, parents often have this existential crisis when theirContinue reading “Merry Christmas from the ECP”

Kari Lake, Ashby vs White 1703/4

Voting is an English fundamental common law constitutional right that even Queen Anne so respected that right she prorogued parliament for debating it. Ten of the Law Lords including Sir John Holt Lord Chief Justice were firmly on the side of Justice and right. This right and the English common law was transferred to America.Continue reading “Kari Lake, Ashby vs White 1703/4”

English Militia, Self Defence and IverMecTin

Rumble Tonight 8pm GMT 4pm Eastern IMPORTANT Twitter space tonight 9pm GMT 4pm Eastern Do English customs, ancient laws and Juries override non constitutional acts of parliament? The legal profession has betrayed you, politics has betrayed you, it is time to return to the English Constitution and common law. Militia RIP peace John Hurst.Continue reading “English Militia, Self Defence and IverMecTin”

What is an English Grand Jury?

Who abolished it and why? Tonight 8pm English Grand Jury vs American Grand Jury. Don’t miss this. Funny how the British abolished Grand Juries in England. Even though it is common law. What can a Grand Jury deliver against a Government or Corporation? What can Jurors law return if they believe a crime hasContinue reading “What is an English Grand Jury?”

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