Bank of England Public Consultation online.

This is really important and we need your help. Tonight live 8pm Full English Show. The bank of England is doing an online public consultation. This is your time to shine people. Do what you do best as the English digital militia.Link: email the pdf to Here is what to write inContinue reading “Bank of England Public Consultation online.”

Open minds, save lives.

Watch the Water! This video is a clip. One person ends the interview when questioned. Why? Consider the possibility: Imagine if the water supply had been utilized to introduce a specifically engineered venom, resulting in the various symptoms associated with Covid. This introduction would have created the perception of a viral outbreak, providing the mediaContinue reading “Open minds, save lives.”

Bitcoin vs Gold

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you need to hear and watch this show. Why Gold has always been money and anything else is currency. You can buy currency with gold. “Debasing the coinage” refers to the act of reducing the precious metal content of coins while maintaining their face value. In EnglishContinue reading “Bitcoin vs Gold”

English Republic

Dear fellow citizens of England, We find ourselves in a situation where our country is ruled under false pretences. The concept of separation of powers, which is at the heart of any true democracy, has been subverted. The monarch, who is supposed to act as a safeguard against tyranny, has become a mere figurehead withContinue reading “English Republic”

The People’s Freedom Convention at Runnymede: The Land of Liberty and Freedom! 27th August 2023

Who is this for? Stand in the parks, Rebels on Roundabouts, those who believe we the people are sovereign and a co-equal in our governance. Agenda Items: Taking Back the People’s Parliament Without Violence Join us at Runnymede JFK Memorial in Surrey as we celebrate the birthplace of liberty and freedom – England! From theContinue reading “The People’s Freedom Convention at Runnymede: The Land of Liberty and Freedom! 27th August 2023”

Mr Spoilt Ballot. The Full English Show. Tonight 8pm Rumble.

If you feel like none of the political parties or candidates truly represent you or your values, there is still a way to make your voice heard at the ballot box. By spoiling your ballot, or intentionally marking it in a way that makes it invalid, you are sending a powerful message of resistance againstContinue reading “Mr Spoilt Ballot. The Full English Show. Tonight 8pm Rumble.”

WHO Treaty by Andrew Bridgen

I’ll be talking about this tonight on The Full English Show – live This one stays the same – These parliamentarians that VOTE for this WHO TREATY are committing TREASON – There is no exemption to the charge of treason even the King could and should be charged with treason. Lawyers, Solicitors and theContinue reading “WHO Treaty by Andrew Bridgen”

Candidate Page Maxine and Janus

Anyone that can assist with this campaign please email which is Maxine’s email. Both Maxine and Janus need as much help delivering as possible. The area Dearne North is first. With many hands we can get this whole area done. Then Dearne South most populated parts first, then the rest. These are the leafletsContinue reading “Candidate Page Maxine and Janus”

BREAKING: It appears VERY possible that Pfizer & Moderna vaccines may be altering the human genome.

Well, well, Well. 8pm Live every night Rumble. Book mark the link below. Join or subscribe. Tonight we will talk about this and the upcoming campaign in Dearne South and Dearne North. Maxine and Janus. Their leaflets are done and arriving Friday. We need a team of people to help deliver the leaflets. Don’tContinue reading “BREAKING: It appears VERY possible that Pfizer & Moderna vaccines may be altering the human genome.”

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