Covid cover up out of the bag

Well, Well, Well. Tonight’s show will be about Andrew Brigden MP and his statement to the speaker of the house. They are now trying to ban him from the commons. Cancel him. What have Andrew Brigden MP, Elon Musk and President Donald Trump got in common? Tonight we will be discussing this and how theyContinue reading “Covid cover up out of the bag”

Kenya and why we love Kenyans.

Kenya is in Independent from British rule. On the 12th December 2022 they celebrated not only in Kenya but all around the world the 59th Jamhuri Day. 8pm Tonight live “The day marks the date in 1964 when the country was formally admitted into the Commonwealth as a republic. “Jamhuri” is the Swahili word forContinue reading “Kenya and why we love Kenyans.”

Scotland could leave the British Union Immediately

Live Rumble video tonight 8pm How? Scotland could end the empire and go down in history as the Country that freed the world from tyranny. Remember the British want to divide and rule.

CTRL Alt Del the English

How and what the British Marxists did to destroy England. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the evidence. Tonight 8pm The Full English Show 8pm GMT 3pm Eastern. There are many English Constitutional Laws that cannot be changed. One of which is the Act of Settlement 1700. None of it can be repealedContinue reading “CTRL Alt Del the English”

Void the USA 17th Amendment

Void the acts of union. Govern for the people not for the elites. Tonight 8pm on the Full English Show I’ll explain their ill will to all men. What has the American constitutions 17th Amendments constitution and the 1911 Parliament Act got in common? They both subvert good governance. Who created both? The Fabian Society.Continue reading “Void the USA 17th Amendment”

Justice must be seen to be done

Where did this come from? A lord chief justice of England. Lord Hewart of Bury. Tonight at 8pm GMT I will be going through where and what the term means and why the corruption of our constitution by either the Crown or Parliament must be rectified by the people. Not academics or lawyers that haveContinue reading “Justice must be seen to be done”

Separation of powers. English law.

Separation of powers and why it is so important. Isaiah 33:22 “For the LORD is our judge; the LORD is our lawgiver; the LORD is our king; he will save us.” What is Separation of powers ? Why is it important? Where did it come from? Who or what put it in place? When wasContinue reading “Separation of powers. English law.”

Right to keep and bear arms.

Tonight we will go through the customs, ancient laws and rights to defend yourself as Christians. This right is maintained until the British political union unlawfully restricted it. But first and explanation and answer to a question from a member and subscriber. “Hi, Graham, RegardsXXXX XXXXXXXX AKA Essexenglishman PS, No need to apologize for yourContinue reading “Right to keep and bear arms.”

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