ECP Badge series 3 – The Constitution is the Solution




Collectors series of English Constitution Badges.

This has three crosses – why?  We are a Christian Protestant Nation. The separation of power in the Engish Constitution.  Each cross depicts and estate of the realm of England. In the middle is the crown or majesty of the law of the land, either side represents the House of Commons and the Judiciary.  Co-equals.

The badge is unique and specially made and designed die cast.  The English Constitution Party is unique in that we are a movement that supports law and order and we are truly ‘A” political.  We believe in England.

Name one other party that puts the Country England first?  Name one other party that tells you how to lawfully remove this corrupt parliament? Name one other party that will sacrifice their party for the Country?

If you don’t trust politics your in the right place, nor do we!  We are not politicians we are English constitutionalists. Some people don’t want to be members of a political party but do want to be part of a movement that takes the Country back. any other party told you about this?

Spoilt Ballot vs Abstention