Primary Aim: English Self Determination!

Take back Control of;

The English Constitution and Common Law

A light touch English Parliament

English Independently governed Counties not regions.

Fair, Honest Elections with representatives that support your English Constitutional Rights!

There was a great man who once said “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England.” -Winston Churchill 

Winston Churchill stood in 1924 as an English Constitutionalist, he condemned and walked away from the main stream parties condemned them for seeking to destroy the English Constitution.   He and 10 others all stood as English Constitutionalists!  Six won their seats!  Why?  Because the people of England knew we had a constitution a powerful everlasting constitution that protected the individuals’ rights over the state.

The state exists as the servant of the people in a common law jurisdiction.  The English people are servants to no man and servants to no state, we shall never never never be slaves, we shall never ever surrender. 

Problem: The British are the problem, the establishment, the bureaucracy, the civil servants, the Judges and the Police. The British one party state!

Solution: The English Constitution is the Solution!

A quote from the late Sir John Laws –

“Sir John Laws was noted for his extrajudicial writings in the journalPublic Law. His most notable contribution, “Law and Democracy”, asserts that “the constitution would be undemocratic if it gave all the power under it to the elected government. Therefore, it is the constitution, and not Parliament, that should be sovereign in the British [English] constitution. “

IMPRINT: English Constitution Party,

34 LIME ROW. ERITH, Kent. DA18 4HW

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