Important: We are pro choice (vaccination) and anti coercion. Coercion is unlawful and vitiates consent, that is the law of the land. MEGA – Make England Great Again

Primary aim: MEGA – Make England Great Again

English self-determination

Take back Control of:

The English Constitution and Common Law.

English self-determination (Independence). A legal system returning to the roots of the common law, custom and culture of England. Separation of powers restored in favour of the people, in whom sovereignty lies in perpetuity, not the state. Individual rights respected again in law. Common law and Constitutional Rights final appeal heard in USA not Continental Europe. America did not Americanise the English, the English anglicised America, America as a Protégé of England became the master of the common law and the protector of the Christian faith, God’s Law. The English common law.

A light touch English Parliament

Independently-governed Shires and counties, not regions

Fair, honest elections with representatives that support your English Constitutional Rights!

IMPORTANT CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL CHANGE TO BE VOTED ON VIA REFERENDUM: Common law and Constitutional Rights final appeal heard in USA not Continental Europe.

The English Bill of Rights 1688 is constitutional law. It has a supremacy clause. The ECP would enforce the supremacy clause and void the European Convention Human Rights (ECHR) and Human rights act 1998 as repugnant and unlawful subversion of the English constitution. No more immigration. All illegals would be deported. Any asylum seeker with no identification will be deemed as breaking the law. Any non government organisation that is advising illegal immigrants to dispose of their identity documents will be charged and prosecuted for aiding and abetting perverting the course of justice. All illegal immigrants and asylum seekers found guilty of perverting the course of justice in disposing of their documents will be jailed, deported, and permanently barred from England.

Whilst enforcing England’s sovereignty and supremacy clause of the English bill of rights 1688 any Country, principality or political union aiding an abetting illegal immigration will be subject to a minimum tariff on all goods and services of 50% with no limit. Any domestic political union contravening this enforcement shall liable to nullification including retrospectively.


The English Constitution Party are the only party that supports and campaigns for a National Living Wage Pension for pensioners, ageism is unlawful discrimination against people with no money to fight back.  You may be older, but your vote is as powerful now as it was when you were 18. The power of your vote does not age or weaken with age, your voice will be heard. Increase the state pension to £19,760 a year (2022) (£380 a week)

The Government should raise the state pension to match the yearly equivalent of the national living wage (NLW). The NLW is rising to £9.50 an hour (i.e. £19,760 a year for F/T 40h per week), which we are told is needed to live, yet pensioners are expected to live on a state pension of £7,376 a year. 

English Republic

The Monarch has surrendered their prerogative powers to Parliament. The power to veto bad law was a crucial prerogative power for maintaining checks and balances to prevent tyranny. The Crown and Judiciary have willingly relinquished these checks and balances, placing their own estates under the arbitrary power of an elected dictatorship. This contravenes the English Constitution. The main purpose of the Monarch’s existence is to exercise their prerogative in favour of the subjects of the realm. Consequently, the only option available to the people is to abolish the monarchy and elect a president who has undergone scrutiny in constitutional law.

https://englishconstitutionparty.com/2023/05/03/english-republic/: Home

When you elect an English Constitution Party (ECP) candidate you elect an individual who solely represents their constituents in the Commons or Council chamber. This is as it should be. There will be no manifesto of false promises, as our manifesto is the law of the land; constitutional statutes and holding the state/council to account. An ECP MP/Councillor is not there to support their party, the party leader, the police, the judiciary, the bar, the Solicitors Society, the General Medical Council or any institution. 

They are there to protect you. They protect their constituents from the power of the state. There are no whips in the ECP, other than to say they will obey the constitution of England and always give way to the inalienable rights of the people.

MEGA – Make England Great Again.

There was a great man who once said “There is a forgotten, nay almost forbidden word, which means more to me than any other. That word is England.” -Winston Churchill 

Winston Churchill stood in 1924 as an English Constitutionalist, he condemned and walked away from the main stream parties condemned them for seeking to destroy the English Constitution.   He and 10 others all stood as English Constitutionalists!  Six won their seats!  Why?  Because the people of England knew we had a constitution a powerful everlasting constitution that protected the individuals’ rights over the state.

The state exists as the servant of the people in a common law jurisdiction.  The English people are servants to no man and servants to no state, we shall never never never be slaves, we shall never ever surrender. 

Problem: The British are the problem, the establishment, the bureaucracy, the civil servants, the judges and the police. The British one party state!

Solution: The English Constitution IS the solution!

A quote from the late Sir John Laws –

“Sir John Laws was noted for his extrajudicial writings in the journalPublic Law. His most notable contribution, “Law and Democracy”, asserts that “the constitution would be undemocratic if it gave all the power under it to the elected government. Therefore, it is the constitution, and not Parliament, that should be sovereign in the British [English] constitution. “

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