Digital Bill of Rights for the Protection of Individual Privacy and Freedom

Preamble: Recognising the need for protection of individual privacy and freedom in the digital age, this Bill of Rights is established to secure the rights of all individuals against any infringement of their digital identity and to prohibit the use of harmful digital technologies.

  • Prohibition of Digital Currency: The use of digital currencies that allow for the tracking and monitoring of financial transactions is prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to create CBDC. Physical cash whether gold coins, silver or paper money must never be removed from the citizens use.
  • Right to Digital Identity: Every individual has the right to control and protect their digital identity, which includes but is not limited to, their DNA, facial identifiers, voice print or pattern, fingerprints, retina scans, and gait. The use of any form of biometric data must be with the explicit consent of the individual concerned.
  • Prohibition of Harmful Digital Technologies: The use of any digital technology that can cause harm to individuals, including but not limited to, psychological warfare, manipulation, and exploitation is prohibited.
  • Right to Privacy: Every individual has the right to privacy in their digital communications, including emails, phone calls, and online activities. The collection, monitoring, or interception of such communications without a warrant or consent is prohibited.
  • Right to Digital Due Process: Every individual has the right to due process in the digital world, including the right to a fair trial and legal representation in a physical court with human jurors, judges and representatives, including common law lawyers not governed by the bar.
  • Prohibition of Data Misuse: The misuse or unauthorised sharing of an individual’s personal data is prohibited, including data collected by governments, corporations, and any other entities.
  • Right to Informational Self-Determination: Every individual has the right to control the use of their personal data, including the right to know what data is being collected and the right to demand its deletion.
  • Prohibition of Digital Surveillance: The use of digital surveillance technologies, including facial recognition, for the purposes of identifying and tracking individuals without their consent or warrant is prohibited.
  • Right to Encryption: Every individual has the right to use encryption technologies to protect their digital communications and data.
  • Prohibition of Harmful AI: The development and use of artificial intelligence that can cause harm to individuals or groups, including autonomous weapons, is prohibited.
  • Principle of Individual Sovereignty: All biometric data is unique to the individual and is considered their sovereign property. The collection or use of such data for any purpose without the individual’s explicit consent is prohibited.
  • Right to Digital Literacy: Every individual has the right to access and acquire digital literacy skills to protect their digital identity and privacy.
  • The use of psychographic profiling and targeted advertising to manipulate individuals into making decisions against their own interests, or to influence their political views without their knowledge or consent. This type of manipulation undermines the principles of free and fair elections, and infringes on individuals’ rights to privacy, autonomy, and freedom of thought. Therefore, such practices should be prohibited and subject to legal penalties.
  • No government or non-governmental organisation, charity or otherwise, of like nature can interfere with the international human rights of self-determination of a country and its people by digital means or any other means.

This Digital Bill of Rights establishes the rights of individuals to protect their digital identity and privacy in the digital age. It also prohibits the use of harmful digital technologies and establishes the principle of individual sovereignty over biometric data.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

9 thoughts on “Digital Bill of Rights for the Protection of Individual Privacy and Freedom

  1. This will lead to the vaccine passport cbdc`s social credit score all connected to the total enslavement of Humanity , money that disappears universal basic income poverty levels ,Non of this is in the best and highest interest of Humanity we need to reject this completely or we will end up dooming our children and grand children to total slavery

  2. Good as far as it goes. Prohibition is well and good but the bill needs to establish sufficient penalties to deter infringement and also needs to provide guarantees of restoration, compensation, etc.

  3. We as humans need this Bill to be passed and enforced to protect humanity from the evil governments and especially the stazi, better known as a “police force”.
    These police are little better than animals forcing their “authority” on ordinary people who can’t fight back because “the stazi” have better weaponry. Their rules and regulations deny our Bill of Rights right to arm ourselves to protect life and home from evil doer’s.
    Graham when can we expect a digital bill of rights to be set in to Law,for we the people ?

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