International Human Rights

The English Constitution Party believes in the fundamental human right of self-determination, which acknowledges the right of individuals and communities to determine their own political status and pursue their economic, social, and cultural development. This policy is particularly important for the indigenous people of England, whose rights, laws, and constitution are currently being ignored by the British supranational state and its current judiciary, monarchy and parliament.

We recognise that these rights apply to all subjects of England, regardless of race, and we are committed to promoting and protecting these rights for everyone. Our policies seek to promote a fair and just society where all individuals are able to exercise their right to self-determination.

As a nation since 927, England was captured by the British in 1706/7 and is now the last significant colony of the British Empire. The English Constitution Party demands freedom from British imperial and colonialist rule, and we seek to void the Act(s) of Union and return England and Scotland to full autonomy. This move is supported by international declarations and covenants, including the UN, the ECHR, and English constitutional law.

We rely on English constitutional law, case law, the ECHR’s Protocol 1, Article 3, and the ICCPR and ICESCR Article 1 [1.1,1.2,1.3] as international common law rights via the United Nations Resolution (61/295) (Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).

Our party’s sub-policies, such as the use of real money and the Bradbury pound, also support the rights of all individuals to pursue economic development on their own terms. We believe that promoting economic freedom is a key component of promoting self-determination.

In conclusion, the English Constitution Party believes that self-determination is a fundamental human right that must be upheld for all individuals and communities. We are committed to promoting and protecting these rights for everyone, regardless of race or background. By voiding the Act(s) of Union and returning England and Scotland to full autonomy, we can ensure that the rights of the indigenous people of England are respected and upheld, and that all individuals are able to exercise their right to self-determination.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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