ECP 5 Policies.


English Constitution Party

The primary aim is for self-determination of the English an international right under UN Declaration – and two conventions all ratified by the British Establishment.  England is the last significant colony of the British Empire and we demand freedom from the British Imperial, colonialist rule.

The Indigenous people of England have rights, laws and a constitution all of which is ignored by the British Supranational state and its current Judiciary.  Those Indigenous rights will apply fairly to all Subjects of England.

The English Constitution Party demand via petition rights including the ballot box decentralised government, a return to an English autonomous parliament with a light touch governance, decentralisation would see the County Councils taking back responsibility for their communities, election of local people with the power to change local laws.

England has a Bill of Rights it is being ignored by the British Soviet System.  We do not believe in manifestos.  They are a fraud and support party politics which long term we are opposed too!

England has been a Nation since 927 it was captured by the British in 1706/7 and is the last significant colony of the British Imperial Colonialist Empire!  WE SEEK FREEDOM FOR ENGLAND.  

Principle Policy: English Self-Determination. Void the Act(s) of Union. Return England and Scotland to full autonomy.

Supported by International Declarations and Covenants including. UN/ECHR/English Constitutional Law.  

We rely on, but not limited to, English Constitutional Law, case law, ECHR protocol 1, Article 3 and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) article 1, [1.1,1.2,1.3].

We also rely as guidance on the Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 13 September 2007 61/295. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Primary Sub policies.


Build a business environment within England expanding the rights of the City of London back to where they belong – Counties of England, Cities, Towns and Villages.  Setting a new flat rate tax system of 10% in England paid voluntarily (no PAYE).  Counties may set their tax up to that limit but not above.  The Tax system will be the same as the Hong Kong tax system in effect an English system.  No Council tax will exist.  Councils will be independent of the state with constitutional limitations.

  1. England will have self-determination.  Both England and Counties will return to Constitutional self-rule.  

The bill of rights 1688/9 must be honoured as well as the other constitutional treaties, statute laws of the English Parliament and Common Law for England and a completely independent English Parliament. We need the constitutional laws which were and are agreed upon, maintained and respected, by parliament, judiciary (purge British Judges) and county councils.

It would be better for England if our politicians weren’t career politicians with no business skills, no job creation skills, no life experience. It would be better if those who stand for election had work and life experience of those they seek to represent. The primary goal of any politician would be the interests of the People, not a party, not self-interest. We would adopt a system where politicians get paid not by salary but on results and the quality of life of the people improve. If they fail us, we don’t pay them the bonuses. Let’s see how many would step up to the plate, things would soon change for the better.

All MPs, Lords and Judges should pass a test on English constitutional law. If they fail, they cannot be selected.

  • Flat Rate A tax system that works and is proven to work that is proportional and progressive to a max of 10% or optional flat rate (for England via referendum and constitutionally set). Simplified English tax system, whereas our current system, is 11500 pages and rising. This system is NOT taken at source but donated.  Counties would set their own within this max limit.
  • PENSIONS: The monetary system that exists today is a fraud on the people, money creation must be created by the government and the people, not private banks. The fractional reserve system (current banking system) is a major fraud on the working people of this Country. (see video at bottom of page) pensions will be paid from the transitional treasury money system that England will create.  (based on the Bradbury pound, Guernsey Pound and Liverpool Notes) pensioners will no longer be forced to choose between eating and heating. You will be well paid for your service to England.
  • The Right to try off label drugs for cancer and other symptoms of bad diet and environmental issues.  Full nutritional training for doctors and health professionals. Doctors and their opinions shall not be controlled by central government and the principles of bodily integrity, non-coercion and full informed consent with the principle of the right to say no brought into positive law with no derogation’s.  
  • Protect our borders, protection of children; abuse of children must be the “ultimate crime”.

An allegiance to England no matter what a person colour, religion, atheism or sexuality.

Politics cannot be part of any religion and religion can play no part in politics, except Christianity within the constraints of the ten commandments. 

Justice cannot be part of any religion and must be struck out.

War and violence must not be encouraged by “any” religion.

No religion may subvert or attempt to subvert human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights and animal rights.

No form of political correctness should subvert free speech or our constitution.

No form of political or religious subversion may take place in educational establishments (pre, infants, primary, secondary, college, training or University).  England is a Christian Nation and will allow prayer at assembly.

England and her indigenous people have the right to exist under international declaration and covenants, we have the right to govern ourselves and extend democracy to Counties, Districts and Parishes.   We have the right to have our Constitution applied and communicated to the people. 

The British Elites and the British Establishment have divided and ruled in such a way as to turn English Subjects against one another. 

We reject;

We the ECP reject Colonialism, England being the last significant colony of the British Empire,

we the ECP reject Imperialism,

we the ECP reject slavery in all its forms,

We the ECP reject as a matter of principle racism which is a construct of divide and rule,

We the ECP reject as a matter of principle foreign constitutions and foreign law,

We the ECP reject the British system of governance, corruption and despots,

We the ECP reject Fascism, Marxism and Communism. We reject the state seeking to control the means of production (You), 

We the ECP reject the undemocratic purging of common law rights and the English Bill of Rights and the British unconstitutional dismissal of these rights.


These are the main Constitutional Statutes, we have declarations which are Constitutional, Treaties with the people and the original Magna Carta. The Constitution of England is our manifesto. It is important to OUR rights fought for by our ancestors so we would be free, it is for us to ensure we pass these rights on to future generations.