What do Mark Sharman (retired Sky and ITV executive), plumbers, electricians, car mechanics and Reiner Fuellmich all have in common?

Mark Sharman, a retired executive at Sky and ITV, explains his views and believes the lack of investigative journalism in relation to Covid, the ‘vaccines’ and alternative treatments is a dereliction of duty by both doctors, nurses, GPs and journalists. Sharman also mentions that these people on websites and forums who accuse people of beingContinue reading “What do Mark Sharman (retired Sky and ITV executive), plumbers, electricians, car mechanics and Reiner Fuellmich all have in common?”

Coercion is unlawful

Not only do I know people who were fined, I know and helped one man called Steven Todd who was convicted in Preston Crown Court. This was a man who appealed his conviction and went to the High Court and his English Constitutional rights were ignored. He was arrested, put in the cells for openingContinue reading “Coercion is unlawful”

Parasite Removal

Beating the leeches by Hedmundewic View Post In Progress vs Parasites, Douglas Carswell sets out the main theme of history from a perspective of the productive and the parasitic. Where there has been a truly free market identified in history (ancient, medieval and modern) Carswell highlights the astonishing, fast-paced accrual of wealth, general prosperity andContinue reading “Parasite Removal”

A Philosophical belief in England and what is short money!

Provide a full explanation of what the party does The Party provides access for people with a philosophical belief in England as a Nation state and the Nations Constitution to vote for that belief.  The party provides access to their human right of universal suffrage (Candidates [passive] and Voters [active]).  Our manifesto is unique, itContinue reading “A Philosophical belief in England and what is short money!”

Our manifesto is FREEDOM

Our manifesto is FREEDOM. We are unique in deploying the English Constitutional statutes as our manifesto.  What does that mean?  It means that the English Bill of Rights 1688, Magna Carta 1215 (treaty) and statutory versions are at our core.  The English have two major exports above all others: English Common Law and the EnglishContinue reading “Our manifesto is FREEDOM”

WOW, I read this and why it blew my mind!

WOW, I read this and it blew my mind! Link at bottom of page For those that don’t know.  I [Graham Moore] once had encephalitis at the age of 24 via the chicken pox virus. I was hospitalised and in a coma for some time.  My family were told I was brain dead and askedContinue reading “WOW, I read this and why it blew my mind!”

Many Scots have contacted me.  Why?  They are not SNP Supporters!

Many Scots have contacted me.  They are not SNP supporters! Why? The main reason is a breath of fresh air. We support Scottish independence and culture. We do not support socialism in any form.  We would not wish socialism on our enemies, let alone our friends the Scots.    So why is it the ScottishContinue reading “Many Scots have contacted me.  Why?  They are not SNP Supporters!”

International Law, Declarations and Covenants!

The Indigenous people of England are protected by International law. This includes General Assembly on 13 September 2007 61/295. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples namely Articles 1 though to 9 and articles 33 and 34 in particular reference the Indigenous political rights. But all articles support the English. Article 1Indigenous peoplesContinue reading “International Law, Declarations and Covenants!”