Andrew Bridgen MP and the constitutional right to petition and debate

Tonight the show is about todays events. An MP has whip withdrawn. Is that constitutionally illegal? We say yes. Live tonight 8pm

The Oxford Martin School: Oxford’s Socialist revolution

by Cassivellaunus, 15 August 2013 In popular perception Oxford is the very quintessence of tradition. The reality is that Oxford has long harboured a motley of subversive interests seeking to shape the nation’s future in line with their own agenda. Balliol and New College were among the strongholds of the Milner (Round Table) Group from the late 1800s,Continue reading “The Oxford Martin School: Oxford’s Socialist revolution”

Ukraine article from 9 years ago.

Crimea, Ukraine and the Anglo-American New World Order 2 April 2014   Ukraine is a former Soviet Republic which has often been divided between its immediate neighbours, particularly Russia to the east and Poland to the west. This pattern has been followed by Ukraine’s most recent rift caused by conflicting allegiances to Russia and theContinue reading “Ukraine article from 9 years ago.”

Unmasking the EDL

by Cassivellaunus, 26 February 2014 The English Defence League (EDL) is a street protest group formed in 2009 in the Bedfordshire town of Luton, a notorious centre of Islamism, to campaign against Islamic extremism and Islamisation. Given the growing domination of British society by Islam, protesting against Islamisation seems like a sensible thing to do. Unfortunately, the EDL has chosen some veryContinue reading “Unmasking the EDL”

British using iPhone tracking to target Russian Army.

If you thought it could not get worse. It has. 8pm GMT live Firstly the British developed this software with Israel it has been used on the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish illegally for well in excess of ten years. There has been a number of cases brought. https: // The link worksContinue reading “British using iPhone tracking to target Russian Army.”

Elon Musk. Thread interesting

8 pm live tonight (eastern 3pm) I’ll be talking about a thread on twitter. I’ll be planning a twitter space for later in the week. We will be out this year. This is a did you know? He knows the way to make money is a distributed network or system. Trump knows that too. CentralisedContinue reading “Elon Musk. Thread interesting”

FTX conspiracy is British controlled

The shocking truth. Organised crime and Intelligence services are combined and they do not have your interest at heart. Two videos for viewing January 1st 2023. British – William MacAskill born William David Crouch 24 March 1987 (age 35) Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. Does it not seem strange that William MacAskill, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, allContinue reading “FTX conspiracy is British controlled”

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