The Betrayal

This article is written in remembrance and in memorial to the white English working class human beings who were slaughtered at Peterloo 1819 and those that continue to be slaughtered at the hands of “state officials” for simply being white working class. Those that should have protected you, have betrayed you. Lawyers, Judges and theContinue reading “The Betrayal”

Kidney Disease

As promised.  Apologises for the delay – still injured. I take spirulina – it is on the list I sent to you – but it has a close cousin called chlorella.  They are both algae and are often called freshwater seaweed, although, spirulina can grow in salt water as well.  They are packed with minerals,Continue reading “Kidney Disease”

Jan’s Back – Minerals and Home Schooling

show notes – Amyloidosis Jan/BrettMy hypothesis; So when doctors were saying they are seeing mini clots (after vaccination and after someone caught covid, Brett was having a heart palpitations when he had covid) when using d-dimer test they were seeing a form of Amyloidosis where the body is overwhelmed with a protein storm it can’t deal with theContinue reading “Jan’s Back – Minerals and Home Schooling”

Home Schooling

Hi Graham, We home educated our daughter Amy due to life-threatening allergies – she is now 30 years old.   We wrote a letter to the ‘authorities’ when Amy was five, to inform them that we were going to home educate.  Although, they tried to create the impression that school was mandatory – it is not. Continue reading “Home Schooling”

Parallel Sanctums: Equivalence of Constitutional Statutes and Convention Parliaments in Legal Safeguarding

The legal discourse set forth in the provided passages serves to extend the fundamental principle governing the dichotomy between constitutional and ordinary statutes to the realm of parliamentary conventions. This principle, which establishes the elevated status of constitutional statutes within the legal framework, finds resonance in the distinction between Convention Parliaments and ordinary Parliaments. JustContinue reading “Parallel Sanctums: Equivalence of Constitutional Statutes and Convention Parliaments in Legal Safeguarding”

The Crime of Torture

Criminal Justice Act 1988 UK PublicGeneral Acts 1988 c. 33 Part XI Torture paragraph 134 (1) A public official or person acting in an official capacity, whatever his nationality,commits the offence of torture if in the United Kingdom or elsewhere heintentionally inflicts severe pain or suffering on another in the performance orpurported performance of hisContinue reading “The Crime of Torture”

The crime of torture and why the state should not have a veto

If a political decision was made to substitute a prima facie case of murder to common assault and a caution would the judiciary have something to say about it? Yes, in a scenario where a political decision is made to substitute a prima facie case of murder with a charge of common assault and aContinue reading “The crime of torture and why the state should not have a veto”

The British Crown’s Veto on Torture

This is shocking and must be challenged. Have you ever wondered why there has been an increase in violence towards the people by the police. Now you know. Watch tonight’s show and I’ll explain how we are challenging this veto and reclaiming our constitutional right of common law prosecution for the crime of torture. PoliceContinue reading “The British Crown’s Veto on Torture”

General Flynn, President Trump, The Plan. Q

The Full English Show tonight on Rumble 8pm (Greenwich mean time, England) The question from Dr Steve Turley; Why are So Many Farms Being DESTROYED?! can you give my comment a like please? My answer:How about the Russians have developed peptides that cure illness, repair body organs and its cheap and harmless. It destroysContinue reading “General Flynn, President Trump, The Plan. Q”

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