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Important: We are pro choice and anti coercion. Coercion is unlawful and vitiates consent, that is the law of the land.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Interview with the BBC

When you elect an English Constitution Party (ECP) candidate you elect an individual who solely represents their constituents in the Commons. This is as it should be. There will be no manifesto of false promises, as our manifesto is the law of the land; constitutional statutes. An ECP MP is not there to support their party, the party leader, the police, the judiciary, the bar, the Solicitors Society, the General Medical Council or any institution. They are there to protect you. They protect their constituents from the power of the state. There are no whips in the ECP, other than to say they will obey the constitution of England and always give way to the inalienable rights of the people.

The English Constitution Party are standing in Southend West.

Our Manifesto is FREEDOM.

We are unique in having the English Bill of Rights 1688 as part of our manifesto and the English Common Law Constitution in its Honourable entirety.

Your candidate is an English Constitutionalist. Yes, we do have one! The British System will not enforce it. The British system will not protect your rights as Englishmen and women.

We promise to only accept Freedom of Choice for everyone. This includes:

NO to using experimental gene vaccines on children. Full stop. Children are not to be experimented on and certainly not to be used as a human shield by the elderly. Adults protect children. Children do not, and should not, be used to protect any adult. That goes for times of war, peacetime or pandemic.

Sad but true

No vaccine ‘passports’, or any form of medical identification with vaccination status. The very idea is a Nazi scheme.

Nazi Health Pass

No vaccine mandates. Freedom of choice is a right, as is bodily integrity. The vaccines are experimental until at least 2023 with a known death rate to date 23rd December 2021 in the UK of 1913 deaths and 1,382,846 adverse reactions. These figures are known to be a fraction of the real figures, as most go unreported. We are not saying ‘no’ to vaccines for adults. We merely advocate fully informed consent. This must be given to any patient as per the law of the land. That includes telling people the known number of deaths and adverse reactions. Informed consent should also include advice regarding other treatments, like alternative therapeutics and non-gene vaccines.

If only 10% of reactions and deaths have been reported then what are the real figures? 10 x 1913 = 19,130 deaths. Injuries might be 10 x 1,382,846 = 13,828,460 (just shy of 14 million adverse reactions).

The Light Paper (the Truth, from truthers)

The Light paper, the truth.
This data is compiled in easy read format unlike the government website the data is taken from.

No more masks.  Studies have shown they do not work in stopping viruses and actually cause harm.

No more lockdowns. As well as being ineffectual at slowing virus spread, killing local small businesses is not the way forward. England is a nation of shopkeepers. Small businesses and a resilient economy, which include pubs, restaurants, clubs and hairdressers are all at risk. Too many have failed because of ham-handed government policy.

Other therapeutic treatments should be offered and can still be offered. Alternative remedies to the illness have proven to be a fantastic success in other countries, substantially reducing the death rate from Covid19. Ivermectin with Zinc, or Hydroxychloroquine with Zinc are two such treatments. Both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been used safely on human beings for decades and the doctors who discovered Ivermectin were awarded a Nobel Prize for what was termed a wonder drug. Almost four billion doses of Ivermectin have been administered worldwide, with very few deaths and side effects. In fact, it’s one of the safest drugs ever invented. What’s more, it is repurposed, generic and cheap. Other vaccines include monoclonal antibody treatments. Why then the need for highly experimental gene therapies.

Vote for ECP Freedom

Videos must watch the first is Dr Malone the creator of the mRNA vaccine.

Video Dr Malone

Matt is a paramedic who the government cheered and applauded at Number 10. This is the same Number 10 that, whilst you weren’t seeing family at Christmas 2020, were having a party. As Number 10 were gorging on cheese and wine, business owners were being raided, arrested and fined £30,000. Matt has been told he will lose his job of 10 years even though he has had Covid, and he caught it caring for you. He has natural immunity and does not need, and should not have, the experimental adenovirus or mNRA gene treatments.

Matt is a Paramedic

Dr Sam White

Dr Sam White

Sajid Davids car crash interview. Just listen to the Dr. . . he has had covid, he has antibodies, he has NATURAL IMMUNITY so why a mandated vaccine? This is not about health it is about control.

Sajid David and a Doctor have an exchange. Listen carefully …

Mark Sharman a retired executive at Sky and ITV explains his views and believes the lack of investigative journalism in relation to Covid, the Vaccines, alternative treatments is a dereliction of duty by both Drs, Nurses, GPs and Journalists.

He also mentions that these people on websites and forums who accuse people of people anti vax and plumbers and electricians by day and Dr and Scientists by night. This is one of my pet points. Working people, plumbers, Electricians, Mechanics (Trades, non uni earn a living types) solve problems every day, they have too. They are natural with diagnostics, they have to be, it is a skill taught in fault finding. So when the obvious appears to them, they will look and ponder and investigate. If you had a leak, you would call a plumber, if you kept getting blown fuses, you would call an electrician. They would fault find and fix it.

Now some Doctors and nurses are speaking out. Why? Because the are fault finders and fixers of the human body, except they are being sacked for speaking out!

Isn’t it funny that architects (not hands on) cause more issues for plumbers, sparks and the trades than anyone else. Isn’t it funny that the same thing exists in medicine. Academic Drs cause more issues than those actually doing the job.

Isn’t it funny that when architects and design engineers were asked to configure a cars electronic control unit (ECU) to know when a sequence of events took place, that the car was being MOTed and the engine speed should be lowered and fuel and additives may be added to lower emissions. Isn’t it funny that mechanics found this out whilst seeing the engine speed drop or increase during an mot, some of whom were sacked for disclosing it. Does that sound familiar to you? VW designers and engineers did just that and Reiner Fuellmich sued them!

Journalists should also fault find and investigate problems, when things don’t look right or look too good to be true then they should be searching for the solution. Their final product (solution) should be the truth.

Mark Sharman a retired executive at ITV and SKY.

Listen to the sketch, it is factual – listen again and again. Each time you’ll pick up another great point.

Listen carefully

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and if you got this far – watch this –

Passion for ones Country and Liberty is not a sin!

Simon Dedman interviews Graham Moore your Candidate in Southend West! Your voice in parliament not the parties voice.

BBC Looking East  Simon Dedman Interviews Graham Moore