Scotland could leave the British Union Immediately

Live Rumble video tonight 8pm How? Scotland could end the empire and go down in history as the Country that freed the world from tyranny. Remember the British want to divide and rule.

Separation of powers. English law.

Separation of powers and why it is so important. Isaiah 33:22 “For the LORD is our judge; the LORD is our lawgiver; the LORD is our king; he will save us.” What is Separation of powers ? Why is it important? Where did it come from? Who or what put it in place? When wasContinue reading “Separation of powers. English law.”

Right to keep and bear arms.

Tonight we will go through the customs, ancient laws and rights to defend yourself as Christians. This right is maintained until the British political union unlawfully restricted it. But first and explanation and answer to a question from a member and subscriber. “Hi, Graham, RegardsXXXX XXXXXXXX AKA Essexenglishman PS, No need to apologize for yourContinue reading “Right to keep and bear arms.”

8pm Tonight 28 11 2022 Rumble

Why has Q started to post again? Why is President Trump back on twitter? Why and When will we know the truth. watch this video and tune in tonight. The show tonight is IMPORTANT I need you to get the message out on social media. Qpost 4963 4966 4969 – 3 6 9 Triangle ToContinue reading “8pm Tonight 28 11 2022 Rumble”

The Fate of Empires – Sir John Glubb

This essay is in audio. “Hi Graham, Here is the lecture on The Age of Empires and Search For Survival by John Glubb in case you want to share it on your site. Also two very well read audio versions. The first is a reading of the lecture, the second is a follow up lectureContinue reading “The Fate of Empires – Sir John Glubb”

A Walk in York

The English Constitution Party are holding a rally at the end of a short walk. Self Determination, English Independence – Walk at York.27 08 2022 – 1.30pm – 1 Parliament St York, Yorkshire, YO1 8SE to 2pm Memorial Garden Leeman Road, York, Yorkshire YO1 6FZ From 2pm until 4pm speeches in support of English Independence,Continue reading “A Walk in York”

President Putin: what does he really stand for? His speech at 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum says it all!

I will take excerpts of his speech and I’ll post here his last comment first: “Still, it is obvious that it is up to the strong sovereign states, those that do not follow a trajectory imposed by others, to set the rules governing the new world order. Only powerful and sovereign states can have theirContinue reading “President Putin: what does he really stand for? His speech at 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum says it all!”

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