The English Constitution Party!

We the people, The English, cannot trust anyone that suckles on the teat of the British Establishment

The Problem:

The media, authorised and controlled by the British Ofcom, The Enemy of the people.

The British Parliament with British MPs and Scottish MPs, Welsh MPs, Irish MPs but not a single English MP. 

The English Monarch’s power removed by the British in effect captured by the British Parliament.

The British Judiciary, trained by the British, no English Judges, no English lawyers, no English Solicitors.

The British Police, trained by the British, no English Police Constables.

The British have imposed upon the English a system of Law known as Roman Law, no one asked the English, they imposed it for imperialistic and colonial control.  EU law is Roman Law and the British imposed this on us, the English.

The Solution:  The Constitution of England. The allegiance to England, God and the Constitution and to common law. Freedom!

The English Nation, its people and legal system have been systematically attacked by the British.  Systemic in nature and by design their methods of destruction greatly aids the English in reconstruction via reverse engineering of the British “legal” endeavours.  

In essence, power must be given back to England via the voiding of the acts of union that artificially created a political union called The United Kingdom (British), the UK is not a sovereign state, Great Britain is an Island containing two Nation states and a Principality.  The sovereign states are England and Scotland. This Union tried and failed over time to erase England from the face of the Earth.  As the EU tried and is failing to recreate the British Union and central control over Nation states, as the USSR tried and failed to recreate the concept of the British Union and lastly how Washington DC has sought to corrupt the United States of America with British influence, the English will show, that Freedom and common law will prevail. The instinct for freedom is human and God given as the English had showed with the War of Independence against the British!

The real system of England is common law, the real democracy is distributed democracy which is far more difficult to corrupt, in effect, England will return to County Councils (democratic), District Councils (democratic), Parish Councils (democratic), and all positions within the communities that can impact your life liberty and freedom would be elected positions. 

The regionalisation of England would disappear with the British Union, European Union and the USSR.

The English Constitution Party protects Freedom.  Believes in and supports the Rule of Law.

Protects Democracy and the people within the constraints of the Constitution!

All human beings are equal under the Law.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

7 thoughts on “The English Constitution Party!

  1. We are THE ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY. We will live under our Constitution of Common Law, No Loss, No Harm, No Injury, No Fraud. Our Constitution Bill of Rights 1688/89 was given to us, the English, in perpetuity, by the Prince of Orange, who became our King William having driven off King James the tyrant.
    We want our country of England returned to us, our English Parliament, our English historically named Counties and our Parishes. We will not be split up into 9 regions. We do not live at compass points!
    We want to be self governing, not tyrannically ruled by the British, who are our enemy.
    We were born free and will be free again.
    Sir Winston Churchill stood for Parliament, with others, for The Constitution Party in 1924, all 10 won their seats.
    We will succeed – “NEVER SURRENDER”


  2. I won’t fill out a form as British. I’m English. White English and proud of it. I don’t agree to be called British. And have to have every other continent tied to me. Such as Briish Asian British Indian. Where are our rights. We have none in our own land. All these coming in on boats are 2 steps ahead of us. Sick of it nowt been done. Time we stood up all going to far


  3. Hi Graham,

    Thanks mate. That is spot on stuff.

    God Bless you. You are an inspiration, and your research and efforts, much appreciated.

    When the call for battle comes, I will stand.

    For God and Country.

    Take care Brother.



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