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British Nationalities Act 1981 and what it means

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If you were born prior to 1981, you had English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish nationality.  Your Indigenous Nationality was then unlawfully removed by The British Nationalities Act 1981 and you were made British only. 

If you were born after 1981 you are British only, according to the British Parliament you were never an English, Scot, Welsh or Irish subject.

Do you object to this unlawful act of parliament?

The English Constitution Party objects strongly and wants it made void (not repealed) as repugnant law.  This is against English Law, ECHR law and the UN declarations for Indigenous people.  

Here is a question put to District Councils in England. 

Dear Sir/Madam

I am English not British.

My National Identity is English and I would like that reflected on the voter register.  My English National Identity is important to me.

If you consider this is not possible, please explain why?

Yours Faithfully


[Name of Person]

Here is the most common answer;

Dear David,

With reference to your query regarding your nationality in the electoral register.

It is not possible to register you as English for the following reasons:

Under The British Nationality Act 1981 British Nationality Act 1981 ( UK law does not recognise English as a nationality;

To register to vote one of the criteria is a person must be a British Citizen.

With regards,


Electoral Services Team

District Councils – Working Together

Remember this enactment was a pre-requisite to the Maastricht Treaty. Unless we take England back, we will be dissolved by the Treasonous British Parliament.

Remedy: Full English Autonomy and Self-Determination for the English. That is what ECP stands for!

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