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WOW, I read this and why it blew my mind!

WOW, I read this and it blew my mind! Link at bottom of page

For those that don’t know.  I [Graham Moore] once had encephalitis at the age of 24 via the chicken pox virus. I was hospitalised and in a coma for some time.  My family were told I was brain dead and asked for my organs.  Although married with two young children, my dad not my wife told them no!  “He’s not dead, leave him alone”.  

Whilst in the coma, I crossed over to the other side, my Mum, who died the year before, met me.  She was crying and asking a man, whom I took to be God, to let me go back.  There were two doors, my Mum was pointing and saying go through this door, not the other. 

At this time, the Man, bowed his head and seemed to be listening.  What I didn’t know at the time was that thousands of born-again Christians, that I had never met.  We’re praying for me all over the world.   I was not religious.  But I had worked for a short time with a man called John Baines, a plumber from Kent, in England.  He had become a Christian and asked his church to pray for me.  My wife’s family were in New Zealand and were also praying for me.  

The Doctors all said he is so badly brain damaged that even if he come round, he may never speak again, may never walk again. 

In this bright white room.  God and my Mum pointed at the door, that took me back.  I came out of my coma and looked at my wife and said “I love You” she then went off and got a Doctor.  They all came in and did all sorts of communications tests including asking my name (it seemed a thousand times) then I said “Micky F****ing Mouse now P*** Off” or words to that effect.  The family were shocked the Doctors weren’t, in fact they said that’s normal.  I told the story of where I had been, the Dr’s also said others had said the same. They did not know where I had gone, but they knew I had traveled somewhere whilst “brain dead”.  They also said my character would change whilst half my brain was repairing itself, the other half had taken over and it could be years before I would recover.  It took about two years.  I was psychotic.  My dad even took his utensils in his house so I would not hurt anyone including my wife.  My wife laughed and said “he won’t hurt me mad or not”.  She was right of course.   

The importance of this story and there is much more, including meeting one of my intensive care nurses who wanted to stand for England, 25 years later, we never knew the connection until she started to tell she was a nurse and had worked in intensive care. After some further discussion about the ward I was in with a viral brain injury, she said “OMG I nursed you”. It was the strangest surreal event.

Recently, I was told by three doctors that I should not have the vaccine, because you have had encephalitis.   This vaccine has great potential to harm you.  They still won’t give me an official exemption.  This is not about health it is about control.

BTW I went to John Baines church and thanked him and the Christians who prayed for me. 

Now read this . . . Read it carefully . . .

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