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In Progress vs Parasites, Douglas Carswell sets out the main theme of history from a perspective of the productive and the parasitic.

Where there has been a truly free market identified in history (ancient, medieval and modern) Carswell highlights the astonishing, fast-paced accrual of wealth, general prosperity and power from societies that had a high level of personal freedom, dispersed power and an unhindered productive economy. Examples utilised in his study include ancient Egypt, Rome, the medieval and post-medieval Venetian Republic, China and others. They are all typical of societies that made tremendous advances at certain stages in their history, but which were ultimately stymied by a parasitic class which utilised one or more methods to ultimately oppress the population, from the military to state institutions. The book is a summary of how and why a small parasitic class can bring a nation’s prosperity to a grinding halt and ‘a state of Malthusian misery’. In doing so he draws on other works, including Why Nations Fail.

Reading the book, the rise and ultimate fall of a society is a recurring historic theme, irrespective of geography. Separated by oceans and centuries of time they all ‘had some strikingly similar features: a small powerful priesthood presiding over a mass of toiling farmers, aided by a caste of warriors’. From ancient Egypt to medieval England, the recurring theme of a farmer toiling most of the year to give a percentage of their produce over to a Pharoah, King or Priest is all too evident. Indeed, from the age of nascent farming in the Neolithic, a parasite class has emerged. It is the most negative, and natural desire, for any human to live at the expense of others. By marshalling power in the name of one or more deities, a class of men could persuade the hard-working majority to hand over their wares under threat of divine revenge.

‘Elites have constantly invoked a set of ethics that normalise extortion, legitimising and sanctifying the transfer from the productive to the parasitic’ – Progress vs Parasites, chapter 11 ‘Why Parasites Prevail’.

One only has to be half awake to identify the same processes in the times we live in. These are the same problems we face as a society, not just in England but across ‘the West’.

The methods of extraction may differ in their complexity, but the underlying themes remain the same. In our secular theocracy much of the West inhabits, our high priests (of Technocracy) are Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Henry Kissinger and the assorted organisations they have initiated and perpetuate. The Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Club of Rome, The Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum et al are merely the descendents of the ancient parasites who extracted the produce of labourers in the Neolithic. Farming of crops and animals became farming of human activity in short order. The methods of parasitism implemented since the 20th century are merely more sophisticated avenues pursued to pull the wool over the eyes of a literate, (mis)educated populace. The reader will appreciate how the malign influence of the technocrats is sold to us as something that’s in our own interest, from good health to safety and security. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The modern globalist, technocratic creed fits perfectly into what French philosopher Frederic Bastiat’s view on parasitism: ‘when plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorises it and a moral code that glorifies it.’

What we are presently living through is nothing new. As dystopian as things have become with the world financial parasite class crashing the world economy with the objective of ushering in a new monetary system tied in with population control, we have been here before, albeit never on this global scale. Previously there was always somewhere else one could run to, to escape. The most you can hope for presently is finding somewhere a little less awful than the place you’re currently in. I ran away from these shores a little while ago but came back. Ironically, I find myself working for an organisation that is on Klaus Schwab’s WEF list of ‘partners’. Well, needs must. My only defence is that I didn’t know this prior to starting work with them, and I can’t do anything else.

Having mentioned the top-level leaches in the institutions above, it would be wrong to overlook the class struggle in all this, or to identify the globalist ‘elites’ as the only parasites. I’m talking of course of the middle class. In our nation, laissez faire economics in 19th century and the pre-First World War era led to the creation of a productive middle class pretty much from scratch. Free trade from the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1847 put a set of steam-driven wheels under what was already an increasingly fast-moving industrial economy. The resulting mass production of goods and price reductions created the most fast-paced increase in living standards of anyone, anywhere. The Marxist doctrine, what little I know of it, seemed to overlook the extent to which the factory workers benefited from the falling price and increased quality of the goods they were producing, rather than being merely the objects of capitalist exploitation.

The descendants of that same bourgeois class have depressingly evolved into the class of person that in the present day often works in the public sector, or works for a large corporation that depends heavily on taxpayer’s money through a ‘public-private partnership’ as expounded in the tedious literature of the WEF. That class of persons now surrounds those that produce wealth like internal body fat that builds up around the body’s major organs as it ages. 

I have a declaration at this stage, if you’ll forgive the self-indulgence for one moment. I am one such person. Raised in a middle-class home, I was privately educated and have a degree in an ‘ology’. I’ve worked in a profession that is staunchly middle class and where real working people are as rare as an honest comment from Ghislaine Maxwell. Since 2005 I’ve worked in multi-disciplinary environments dominated by the same class of person. Where once most of our client base was private sector developers, the client profile changed since the financial crisis to be dominated by government bodies, local authorities and quangos. Although nominally working in the private sector, I and most of my colleagues are ‘secondary tax consumers’. Our jobs are not driven by market conditions; rather have been conjured into existence by the plethora of legislation and regulation that has arisen in recent decades. State-enforced, those developers in every sector have to abide by them, or else.

During my time working in the above environments, I’ve become very attuned to a certain mindset amongst most of my colleagues. Remainers almost to a man / woman / non-binary unit, they proffer the same diet of bland, ill-informed ‘opinion’ successfully planted in their heads by the propaganda forces in their places of miseducation, or the state and corporate media. This is flavoured by the usual large helping of guilt underlying every waking moment. Whether it’s because of excessive affluence or, I suspect more likely, a craven desire for social status, being guilty about almost everything seems to be de rigeur. This obviously manifests itself in never questioning the climate change narrative or branding anyone opposing mass immigration as a ‘fascist’. A patriot would never make themselves known out of choice. One colleague of mine has multiple academic achievements and was privately educated. He thinks it would be a good idea to ban private schools, full stop. A former colleague of mine was similarly upper middle class and used to pretend he went to his local Comprehensive. Everyone knew he attended one of the most prestigious private schools in the region, yet no-one ever challenged him openly on it. It was more than acceptable to be affluent, as long as you felt guilty about it and pretended to be impoverished.

The pointlessness of much middle-class activity has been the subject of some excellent commentary. Articles by Dr Sean Gabb on and his own website cover themes around the cultural revolution currently underway and often touch on the role of middle-class parasitism. This is some of the best subject matter I’ve yet come across. Dr Gabb is one of the foremost libertarian philosophers in England, and much else. His book ‘Radical Coup’ should be mandatory reading for all Constitutionalists. His late friend Dr Chris Tame was essentially an anarcho-capitalist and one of his final interviews revealed his desire for an independent England. Sadly, Tame was never close to being Prime Minister, but made a programme aired on Channel 4 stating what he’d do if he was. Incidentally, the ECP should produce its own version of this show with Graham Moore in the role. Just a thought.

So, what then must we do?

I’m not one for huge upheavals. Having said that, we face an existential threat both from a self-proclaimed global ‘elite’ (super parasites) and a self-satisfied, smug middle-class which feeds off the public teat and would sell its collective old granny to keep itself in its superannuated pension. I fear there is little time for incremental change. If power is attained by the ECP, the end for them will have to be nasty, brutish and short. There can’t be any comfortable transition period, as their extensive influence will merely corrupt and erode the process. There will be no point in arguing with them. To fix things, we have to adopt the Gabb approach. If we’re in a position of power, we have to take every single measure to cut out the rot from every single institution. It will be the case that many of them can’t be saved. That’s a good thing. Who will mourn the BBC? Not me. Let us not think of making it a subscription service. Let us scrap it, sell off the archives to the highest bidder, sell the built assets (conversion to much needed housing) and bring charges to the paedophile enablers who work there; who undermine England and socially engineer us.

That’s fine, but you’ve skipped a whole (huge) part of the story, mister, I hear you cry. How do we get into power in the first place?

That will be the subject of a different piece. That’s a cop out, I know. It is however an extensive area to cover and despite my own political experience of standing in local and general elections, I don’t yet have a clear path set out to attain political office. I do know however that it is a marathon, not a sprint. The ECP has to build from the grassroots and never become a party that divorces itself from its everyday members. In its ascent to political success the UK Independence Party made the mistake of becoming a personality cult and authoritarian organisation hell bent on achieving a political objective within a limited timeframe. It succeeded in prompting the 2016 referendum, but soon fell into irrelevance because its management stifled talent and cut itself off from the grassroots. The ECP has to make itself prominent in local communities and stand in local elections. The Liberal Democrats are an example to follow in campaign terms, as are the Green Party. Needless to say, we don’t want to ape communists in policy terms, but we can learn from the tactics they adopt when raising public awareness and going door-to-door. Previous results speak for themselves.

Candidacy will be fundamental to the ECP’s success. What is also essential is that we become a broad church with a diverse candidate base, and by diverse I’m talking race, religion, cognitive and class. We need to appeal to a very broad and diverse voter base and our candidates need to reflect that. We need to harness the support of that significant minority of the middle class who are sick of the hypocrisy and social climbing of their neighbours and colleagues. They are an influential demographic because of their skills, networks and financial resources. Like myself, there are those who are unafraid of becoming pariahs in their workplace because they see the writing on the wall of life as they know it. There is a slow awakening underway, and many professionals are becoming aware that they will either be surplus to requirements in the New World Order or living a half-life in a neo-feudal dystopia. Neither is appetising, and both provide incentives to actively seek an alternative.

Written by Hedmundewic

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that,it was real eye opening to me,looking forward to seeing much more of you.

  2. Excellent, thought provoking article. Vote freedom, vote English Constitution Party ☑️ the constitution is the solution to British supranational state oppression

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