What do Mark Sharman (retired Sky and ITV executive), plumbers, electricians, car mechanics and Reiner Fuellmich all have in common?

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Mark Sharman, a retired executive at Sky and ITV, explains his views and believes the lack of investigative journalism in relation to Covid, the ‘vaccines’ and alternative treatments is a dereliction of duty by both doctors, nurses, GPs and journalists.

Sharman also mentions that these people on websites and forums who accuse people of being anti-vax i.e. plumbers and electricians by day, and doctors and scientists by night. This is one of my pet points. Working people; plumbers, electricians and mechanics (real trades, non-‘uni’, earn a living types) solve problems every day. They have to. They are natural with diagnostics because they have to be. It is a skill in fault-finding. When the obvious appears to them they will fix it, but if it is not obvious they will look and ponder and investigate. If you had a leak, you would call a plumber. If you kept getting blown fuses, you would call an electrician. They would fault-find and fix it. If you had a serious outbreak of disease, you call in doctors and nurses. Not academic Phd ‘doctors’; real medical experience doctors.

Now some doctors and nurses are speaking out. Why? Because they are fault-finders and fixers of the human body, except they are being sacked for speaking out!

Isn’t it funny that architects (not hands on) cause more issues for plumbers, sparkies and other trades than anyone else. Isn’t it funny that the same thing exists in medicine. Academic doctors cause more issues than those actually doing the job.

Isn’t it funny that when architects and design engineers were asked to configure a car’s electronic control unit (ECU) to know when a sequence of events took place, that the car was being MoTd and the engine speed should be lowered, and fuel and additives may be added to lower emissions. Isn’t it funny that mechanics found this out whilst seeing the engine speed drop or increase during an MoT, some of whom were sacked for disclosing it. Does that sound familiar to you? VW designers and engineers did just that and Reiner Fuellmich sued them!

Journalists should also fault find and investigate problems. When things don’t look right, or look too good to be true, then they should be searching on instinct for the reasons their suspicions have been aroused. Their final product (solution) should be the truth.

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When truth teller meets truth teller.

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4 thoughts on “What do Mark Sharman (retired Sky and ITV executive), plumbers, electricians, car mechanics and Reiner Fuellmich all have in common?

  1. DD my sister was told to get the jab she has had surgery after a bleed on the brain. She is now suffering from dementia. 3 months after the jab she has to go into care 59 year old???. She was ok untill the poison was giving.

  2. DD… The ECP will need at least 25k of votes to win southend west.. A very tall order.. You to get the voters of southend west to pledge their vote..
    Regards Tony

  3. Great site love it I’ve tried to tell anyone that will listen basically everything that’s on here for years even remember fighting with my best friend of that time I’m English but him and my teachers they all ways tried to tell me that I’m F-ing British load of arsenals and I was no older than 4-5yrs at the time now I feel at Home thank you. now I’m really going on a mission. To put them all right.

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