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This is a shocking video of election fraud in USA and remember the people who perpetrated this crime are now taking the world into a war (possibly nuclear) with Russia.

This video is a must watch to understand three things

  1. Geo Spatial cell phone tracking via your devices electronic serial number (ESN), a form of digital ID. This technology uses triangulation to pin point an ESN within 1m.
  2. The extent of Video surveillance in America (the Land of the Free).
  3. That military intelligence and law enforcement use this technology to convict criminals, yet have not acted on known election fraud, why?.

This data used by the investigators was purchased from “free apps” you run on your smart phones. It is used commercially all the time. Now you know why;

  1. We need a digital bill of rights and,
  2. The fraud is real.

This video is on this site as a Political Party that believes in the rule of law and the English Constitution. ALL credit to Dinesh Joseph D’Souza and his team.

Communists, Marxists and Nazis manipulate votes and societies systems to win (fake news media, big tech, corrupt businesses, NGO’s). As the majority do not want them, they cheat!

Criminals don’t get to keep the loot after being caught, nor should political parties keep the presidency.

Horrifying evidence of a stolen election.

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