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For those that state and ask “I can’t see our constitution anywhere, where can I find it”? This is the result of a sad and in my opinion treasonous British plan to deny you your English constitution and your rights as subjects of England which is contrary to the Act(s) of union which states these rights must be communicated to the people. Act(s) of union 1707 article 4 ” And that there be a Communication of all other Rights Privileges
and Advantages which do or may belong to the Subjects of either Kingdom” This is where America gets its “We the People” booklet from.

Really important: A subject of the majesty of England is NOT the subject of the individual monarchy as a person. This is no different to the principle of a soldier saluting the commission of an officer, not the man. The “majesty” represents the English structure, culture, liberty and freedoms built upon over 1000’s of years, in our case [England] a Christian nation. It represents the common law. No loss, No harm, No Injury, No Fraud. (In effect the 10 commandments)

The history of the English constitution (and in effect the majesty) was removed from the school curriculum and the bar exams in the early 1970’s. Why then, why the 1970’s? Because the British traitors, these traitors include MP’s, Lords, Professors, Military, in fact all that have subverted the English Constitution and they lied to Her Majesty the Queen, look at history and especially the declaration of rights 1688, you will see the words “evil counsellors” advising the monarch more than once, so this is not unique to now, today. They, traitors, have lied to the people and said “Sovereignty is unaffected by the common market” – knowing that the European Union and all it entailed was the end goal [sovereignty handed to globalists, the British] – the BBC and the media had conned the English and Scot’s out of the greatest protection mechanism for inalienable* rights the world had ever seen.

*”An inalienable right, said Richard Foltin of the Freedom Forum Institute, is “a right that can’t be restrained or repealed by human laws.” Sometimes called natural rights, inalienable rights “flow from our nature as free people.””

The common law can deliver to the people of England without violent revolution either a constitutional monarchy or a constitutional republic. Look at America! It is a successful common law constitutional republic (a direct threat to the British Globalists).

There is a reason why the common law, developed the Magna Carta article 61 which is still law. This is in effect what the Americans describe as “impeachment”. America adopted the common law and the English (not British) constitution. However, we the English also developed via the common law the “petition” to the crown or the majesty. From the 1688 dictionary petition = “a demand”.

Petition rights are enshrined in our constitution, the right of assembly, free speech and jury trial, jury nullification etc. Who has stolen these rights? The British, the British Soviet system.

The English Bill of Rights and declaration of rights 1688 (belt and braces) enshrined this petition right forever, with no derogations. It came from the common law rights of individuals against the state. It is still law.

These are just a handful of our constitutional rights

Your rights! Not privileges.
We simply stand for the Constitution of England. Your Rights!

We the English Constitution Party are petitioning Her Majesty and Privy Council on our right to self determination. Recently the Pricy Council met at Windsor castle and made a decision which is unconstitutional. They have by “proclamation” [which is unlawful] decided to rule the British Virgin Islands. They are about to sack the elected (alleged corrupt) government.


But why not do the same with the British government? Just as corrupt if not worse. Why do they speak of self determination and self rule for BVI and not England? Why has Scotland had two referendums on self determination and England has not had a single national referendum on the same issue?

The British Nationalities Act 1981 unlawfully erased England and her subjects rights! We the English Constitution Party as true constitutionalists and English patriots must take England back from the globalist, British soviet system. The English are not British, as Russians are not Soviets. We all seek freedom from the globalists. All British Acts of Parliament have attacked both Scotland and England and her subjects rights, this stems from the Acts of Union creating the globalist “British”. This political union is the predecessor of the USSR, EU and Yugoslavia. For the world to live in peace and the world to advance through the universe in peace, it needs to be annulled by making it void in law.

England is the last significant colony of the British empire. What you are seeing around the world from the UN, WEF, WHO is all the British empires attempt to save itself and a scorched earth policy exists to eliminate any Sovereign [Nation] Country that stands in its way! England, Russia, America!

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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  1. That should be printed in every news paper across England , Wales , Scotland and N.Ireland , it should be read out on every TV and radio channel . God bless you Graham you have inspired and educated thousands of us to spread the truth that we are a soverign people under Gods laws . Under attack from godless marxist corporatist globalist British scum .

  2. I entirely agree with Gary Carr and extend enormous thanks to you Graham on the continuing lessons about our Constitution. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    I am banned on Facebook and Twitter but will attempt to share on Bastyon. Though am relatively new on that platform and yet to build followers. For supporters of Graham and the Constitution and looking to join Bastyon, please follow me, BoroughGal, there. I will follow back.

  3. a great article and as always some well known facts about our English history and rights we must protect England

  4. This blog is the reason I joined the ECP.
    We The People are being lied to and we need to re-gain our Freedom and our un-alienable Rights.
    If we don’t then we and our children will become slaves to the corporate state and will own nothing and be very unhappy.
    They have even claimed our body parts with their donor declarations.
    Our time is now,

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