The political union vs the Union of crowns

This is IMPORTANT and causes a little confusion so tonight i’ll explain.

There are two unions. Monarchy vs Political

1. The Union of the crowns happened in 1603 relatively benign and constitutionaly needed as part of the protection system via the separation of powers. In England this power resides with the monarchy. In America it resides with the President. Both systems refer to this as the Executive.

2. Political union happened in 1706/7 – this union is what gave rise to what we call the deep state. The political union has usurped the English and Scottish constitutions and centralised power to London. The only way to reverse the damage to both Nations is to VOID (not repeal) these acts. This instantaneously restores the constitutions, voids all treaties and laws made under the British union. In effect a peoples reset. It puts the British elites into administration.

Voiding the acts of union would return England and Scotland to Constitutional distributed governance, governed by the people locally by the people for the people.

The “union of the crowns” the monarchy is unaffected by voiding the political union. Unless a referendum takes place to abolish the monarchy at a later stage. As a separate note. Parliament has unlawfully stated it is sovereign.

Crucially this unlawful declaration by parliament of sovereignty residing with them is treason, at the very least it is contempt of sovereign . In fact this very statement contravenes a number of ancient laws and customs, customary law and the common law offence of Contempt of Sovereign.

Contempt of the Sovereign.

Contempt of the Sovereign is an offence at common law. It is triable only on indictment and is punishable by fine and imprisonment at the discretion of the court.

Halsbury’s Laws of England / Criminal Law (Volume 25 (2020), paras 1–552; Volume 26 (2020), paras 553–1014) / 7. Offences against the State / (1) Treason and Related Offences / 559. Contempt of the Sovereign.

In a nutshell: The common law system is Executive (Monarchy/President), Judiciary, Parliament (Constitutional separation of powers system) vs The Roman law administrative system a political union where no separation of powers exists, what we call an elected dictatorship.

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