British using iPhone tracking to target Russian Army.

If you thought it could not get worse. It has. 8pm GMT live

Firstly the British developed this software with Israel it has been used on the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish illegally for well in excess of ten years. There has been a number of cases brought.

https: // The link works but you need to take out the spaces before // and after.

British MI5 using tech to spy on us. Including Mass track.

The greyzone:

This is all true

Now look at this which is also part of SIA

Exceptions – I have covered this before.

SIA? British army the Fascist army against us the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

The Invasion is well underway. The British Army are an Army that answers to Parliament not the Crown and not the people. The Police are the same. The SIA are the same. Not to mention British Transport Police. Also, Thames gateway police force given powers of police anywhere in UK.

Paragraph 51

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