Unmasking the EDL

by Cassivellaunus, 26 February 2014

The English Defence League (EDL) is a street protest group formed in 2009 in the Bedfordshire town of Luton, a notorious centre of Islamism, to campaign against Islamic extremism and Islamisation.

Given the growing domination of British society by Islam, protesting against Islamisation seems like a sensible thing to do. Unfortunately, the EDL has chosen some very strange ways of going about it.

For example, while campaigning against Islamisation, the EDL has inexplicably been supporting multiculturalism.

One vocal supporter on behalf of the EDL has been the Sikh activist Guramit Singh who has been using the screen name “lionsingh” to promote multiculturalism on the group’s online forum (Ratiu, 2012).

In several television programmes, former EDL leader Tommy Robinson (Stephen Lennon) himself has insisted that it is not multiculturalism which has failed, but religion. In a speech in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, he expressed the view that multiculturalism has “worked” with all cultural and religious groups except Islam (Catrin Nye, “Inside the English Defence League leadership,” BBC Newsnight, 1 Feb. 2011; “Proud and Prejudiced,” Channel 4, 5 Apr. 2011).

The EDL’s somewhat rambling and confused Mission Statement on its current website (last accessed on 26 Feb 2014) states:

“The EDL believes that English Culture has the right to exist and prosper in England.”

While this is a good start, it goes on to say that it is committed to promoting the traditions and culture of England,

“while at the same time being open to embrace the best that other cultures can offer,”


“We recognise that culture is not static, that over time changes take place naturally, and that other cultures make contributions that make our shared culture stronger and more vibrant.”

and that

“The best of their cultures [of people who migrate to this country] will be absorbed naturally and we will all be united by the enhanced culture that results.”

It isn’t difficult to see what is wrong with the above statements. Although the EDL claims to believe in English culture, it turns out that it is not really English culture but a form of it that is being modified and “enhanced” by foreign cultures.

The belief that English culture is in need of “enhancement” by foreign cultures is curious enough. But it ought to be obvious that the more English culture is being modified and “enhanced” by other cultures the less English it is going to be.

What’s more, the Mission Statement is silent on English people’s right to preserve their culture as it is without having it modified or “enhanced” by others, as well as on their right not to embrace any aspects of other cultures. 

Essentially, then, what the EDL Statement really boils down to is this:

“The EDL believes that English Culture has the right to exist and prosper in England but only in a form that has been modified and enhanced by other cultures.”

And, since the EDL does not appear to set any limits to the degree of modification and “enhancement” that is to be imposed on English culture, it is doubtful whether the resultant culture will be recognisably English.

For example, how can the dominant culture in immigrant-controlled areas like East London’s Tower Hamlets be described as “English” when many of their inhabitants don’t even speak the language?

Mike Kemp in-pictures.photoshelter.com

Whitechapel High St., Tower Hamlets: culture enhancement or replacement?

The EDL seems to naively believe that cultural changes happen “naturally.” But closer examination of the facts shows that our culture is being changed artificially(i.e., as part of a deliberate policy) by business interests, politicians and their collaborators. As Ioan Ratiu has shown in The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy (2012), culture is being systematically manufactured by self-serving elites for their own agendas.

Above all, culture is being changed by immigrants themselves. For example, there are numerous Islamic organisations across the country promoting Islamic culture and religion as part of their missionary (da’wa) work. Clearly, the more such immigrants come into the country, the more our culture will be changed as a result of immigrant influence exerted quite artificially and, in some cases, aggressively, against the wishes and interests of the indigenous community.

Moreover, who exactly is to decide what elements of alien cultures are “enhancing” native culture, and how is this going to be implemented?

The fact is that it would take years of legal and political wrangling to come to a decision on issues of this nature (if at all) and further years to implement it. By then English culture will have been “enhanced” out of existence.

Another key question is, who is the culture promoted by the EDL going to belong to? 

With the rising tide of immigrants coming into the country and the high birth rates in the immigrant community, English people will eventually be outnumbered and become a minority in their own country.

On figures provided in 2009 by the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) the immigrant population is estimated to have already reached approximately 20 per cent of the total population – 14 per cent non-white (South Asian, black, mixed-race and Chinese) and 6 per cent white – and is projected to reach 27 per cent by 2031 and 43 per cent by 2056, whereas the white British-born population will become a minority after 2066 (Coleman, 2010Silverman, 2013).

In other words, we are going to have a non-English and non-British population with a culture that few would recognise as “English” in the near future.

Even assuming, for argument’s sake, that we could ensure the preservation of a recognisably English culture, what would be the value of it, if the English population that created this culture disappeared from the face of the earth?

Why does the EDL find English culture worth preserving but not English people? If English culture “has the right to exist and prosper in England,” don’t English people also have the right to exist and prosper in their own country? If no, then the EDL doesn’t care about English people and stands exposed as an anti-English organisation. If yes, then the EDL must acknowledge that the right of English people to exist and prosper in their own country can only be enforced by drastically restricting immigration.

As history shows, Islamisation is reversible (see, for example, the reconversion of Spain to Christianity). Domination by foreign cultures is also reversible as seen from the return of former colonial countries to native cultures. In contrast, ethnic annihilation through population replacement is permanent and irreversible.  

Therefore, the dangers threatening English (and British) society and culture, in order of severity, are: (1) mass immigration leading to population replacement and ethnic annihilation, (2) multiculturalism leading to the annihilation of traditional native culture and (3) Islamisation leading to domination by Islam.

While the UK immigrant population has reached 20 per cent, the Muslim population amounts to only about 4.8 per cent of the total. Similarly, Islamic culture is only one of the many alien imports subverting traditional native culture, the most dramatic impact being made by Afro-American influence (for example, subversive music genres like hip hop). Muslims, Islamic religion and Islamic culture play a central role only in Islamisation, which ranks third in terms of severity.

It follows that the EDL has got its priorities wrong and, while this may have to do with the EDL leadership’s lack of information (or intellectual prowess), we cannot exclude the possibility that its exclusive concern with Islamisation is a device for deflecting attention from the far greater dangers posed by mass immigration.

Indeed, most EDL members and supporters have the common sense to realise that a culture without the people who created it is not worth preserving and that in order to preserve both English culture and English people immigration must be restricted.

For example, in an interview with the Sun newspaper, EDL Angel (female member) Gail Speight has said that “there should be a total stop on immigration” (Daubney, 2014). 

In contrast, the EDL leadership has persistently refused to speak out against immigration. What’s more, serious discussion of the topic on the EDL forum has been discouraged and threads perceived as being critical of official immigration policies have been deleted, for example, in May 2013, the thread “Why EDL must fight immigration” which had interesting contributions from forum members as well as administrators and moderators and had been viewed over 1000 times, was deleted without explanation.

This brings into sharp focus not only the unbridgeable differences between the rank and file and the leadership within the EDL but also between the latter and the general public the majority of which is strongly opposed to immigration. This exposes the EDL leadership as out of touch with the English people it purports to represent. And an organisation that is out of touch with the people cannot be an organisation of the people or for the people.

The truth of the matter is that both immigration and multiculturalism are major causes of Islamisation, the basic equation being:

Muslim immigration + high birth rates in the Muslim community + multiculturalism = Islamisation.

Logically speaking, if the EDL is serious about fighting Islamisation it must start by fighting the causes of Islamisation.

And if it is to fight the causes of Islamisation it must fight those who are responsible for them, that is, the political parties which have devised and enforced policies like mass immigration, multiculturalism and the promotion of Islam.

The main party responsible for the above policies in Britain has been the LabourParty. As revealed by Andrew Neather, former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, Labour devised a deliberate plan “to open up the UK to mass migration” in order to make it “more multicultural” (Whitehead, 2009).

Labour has also appointed a series of Muslims to positions of power and influence, notably Shadow Lord Chancellor Sadiq Khan who, not surprisingly, declared that “Labour is, and has always been the Party of British Muslims” (“Khan: Labour’s the only way forward for British Muslims,” Left Foot Forward, 3 May 2010). In 2013, Labour Leader Ed Miliband appointed Khan Shadow Minister for London and leader of Labour’s election campaign, etc.

Unfortunately, the EDL does not encourage criticism of the Labour Party. We found that a thread entitled “Why EDL must fight the Left,” which was critical of Labourand its pro-Muslim policies, was moved to the EDL forum’s “Antichamber” and later deleted by the administrators.

The EDL leadership also appears to be oblivious to the influence of international financial interests on political parties like Labour and their links to think-tanks and academic institutions like the Fabian Society and the London School of Economics.

Sadiq Khan, for example, has been a member of the Fabian Society executive committee and the Fabian Society – the dominant force behind Labour – has been at the forefront of a campaign against groups opposed to Islamisation like the EDL.

On 7 March 2013, the Fabian Society in collaboration with Chatham House held a conference entitled “Understanding Counter-Jihad Extremism” that included a study of the EDL. Unfortunately, a strangely indifferent and inactive EDL leadership failed to take any notice of an event that was of direct concern to its organisation, missing a rare opportunity to present its own views to the media and to the wider public.

Similarly, although the EDL uses the cross as its central symbol and Christian religion is admittedly an essential element of English culture, we have seen no evidence that the EDL is promoting Christianity. On the contrary, its promotion of multiculturalism (which includes non-Christian foreign religions) is arguably incompatible with the preservation of Christianity as a dominant element of England’s national culture.

Instead, the EDL’s arsenal of bizarre tactics has included public support for homosexuality, America and Israel (none of which appears to be in any great need of EDL assistance), as well as childish and pointless publicity stunts like burning Germany’s wartime Nazi flag – but not the flag of Rockefeller-funded International Socialism or the flag of Islamism and Jihad.

(Burning Germany’s wartime Nazi flag is childish and pointless (a) because Nazism as a political power is non-existent in Britain and (b) because in order to deflect attention from its own crimes the Left will always brand its opponents “Nazis” irrespective of what they do)

It is unclear how any of these tactics contribute to either the suppression of Islamisation or the promotion of English culture. What is clear is that in spite of the EDL’s best efforts Islamisation is making steady progress with the full backing of finance, academia and politics (Ratiu, 2012).

In light of the above facts, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that, like most other movements and organisations in this country, the EDL leadership does more harm than good, sowing confusion among genuine opponents of the establishment and leading the masses in the wrong direction – all of which can only compound and accelerate the impending national disaster.

If the EDL is serious about helping to bring real changes to the national situation it must show that it is willing and able to make some urgent changes about itself, particularly at leadership level, the source and origin of all its problems.

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  1. The statement, “The EDL believes that English Culture has the right to exist and prosper in England but only in a form that has been modified and enhanced by other cultures”, leads me to suspect the EDL seeks to avoid being accused of racism. Great article Graham.

  2. Thanks for this Graham, your knowledge and expertise in revealing what is actually the ‘Truth’ will not sit comfortably with these false witnesses. The real culprits are the elite deep state masters who are indeed pulling their puppet/purse strings filling them with 30 pieces of silver.

    I’d like call people/groups of these kind as the ‘Tares’ from the Wheat, also just like the trolls. They have been sown among the good crop, to dishonour, counterfeit to look like wheat but the tares have no benefit to mankind. Come the harvest they are gathered together and thrown in the fire.

    I’d also add equally, that since the Roman Church was established in the Kingdom of England (again under the disguise of good wheat), they look and behave like sheep, but inside they are ravenous Wolves in Sheperd’s clothing. England occupied by foreign and domestic powers under Roman Law. It is THEM a under the pope’s direction who are calling for a multi Faith One World Religion known as ‘COEXIST’. If this is allowed to happen who known what kind of England we will be living in.

    Void the Act of Union 1706.


  3. I know a guy who’s 3rd generation Pakistani immigrant, so his grandparents were the ones who first came here and I’ve asked him this question and bearing in mind his parents were born and raised here and so was he, I asked him want nationality he considers himself to be, English, British, or Pakistani?

    Can you guess which one?

    He said Pakistani, so so much for multiculturalism and adding to English culture.

    The EDL are insane and should jog on before they do any more damage to the English cause.

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