One thought on “Greg Rubini Tweets are live again. Something is afoot.

  1. Hi Graham I’ve been a big follower for years, great show tonight thanks.
    I’m just curious about this clip, I follow military radar every so often & noticed very high numbers of military aircraft today, I think my phone time is on the shots, this is as I say very unusual, the heavy lifter I’ve been following too it’s a Ukraine one that usually lands at Rzesow airfield in Poland last year it was doing about two trips a week to US Kennedy AP & back also UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany etc it even went to North Africa near Libia but I lost the transponder, two more heavy lifters do runs one is Silk airlines & a US registered one I can’t remember the name of it but they’re definaty moving arms I’m sure!
    Another thing I’ve noticed too is I’m seeing more & more air ambulances in UK, EU & US I counted 11 in UK on Saturday, my theory is jab damage & they’re private insurance flights or it could be organs, it’s just strange the numbers have increased since the cold weather, there’s a lot we don’t know about.

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