D5 = Digital Nations BRITISH

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Q once spoke of D5 what was Q referring too? Not an avalanche but Digital Nations. This is all about full digital control. Like China but worse. Who wants it? The British.

Digital ID, Vaccine passes, cashless society. Full control.


Ukraine. Hiding the west’s hardware in nuclear power stations is not a good idea.

It it unlawful to send armaments to Ukraine without parliamentary consent? Yes.

Yes, breach of Act of Settlement without consent of Parliament. “That in case the Crown and Imperiall Dignity of this Realm shall hereafter come to any Person not being a Native of this Kingdom of England this Nation be not obliged to ingage in any Warr for the Defence of any Dominions or Territories which do not belong to the Crown of England without the Consent of Parliament.”

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I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

2 thoughts on “D5 = Digital Nations BRITISH

  1. You have relevant points of argument, but you need to get your facts straight (& your spelling), and allied rules of war apply which override your mention, in accordance with rules of engagement and peripheral allied support, as in the Geneva Convention.

    1. The spelling is direct from the Act of Settlement 1701. I am not interested in the globalist war mongers, I’m an English Constitutionalists not a British war monger.

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