Care4Calais vs Care4England (ECP)

Tonight’s show Dave Ellis will be telling us news on the treasonous EU defence union, potential conscription from 16 years old is on the cards. Both Dave and Nick tell the full story of UK columns peculiar dislike for the English.

We are not here to tell you lies and be in effect alternative propaganda for the British Political Union who’s puppet masters are – City of London and Corporation of London. 8pm Tonight The Full English Show -Rumble.

Who are the The puppet masters?

British Media, British Police, British Marxist charities, communists and fascists. The British media have described the English Constitution Party as far right, they deliberately published information that is incorrect, deliberately misleading – political propaganda.

Firstly, all parties above have committed and continue to commit a human rights abuse against all of our supporters, members and the communities we stand for. The human rights commission has done nothing to assist us. We [England] are a protected indigenous population, the Nation has existed since 927 coming up to 1100 years. England has a distinct culture [Liberty and Freedom], a constitution, separation of powers and rights – time immemorial, a legal system, constitutional monarchy, parliament, language and religion. Not only do we have English domestic ancient customary, common law and statutory protections of these rights we have international declarations and international common law that supports us against tyrannous government, parliament, judiciary and monarch. Our law enforcement is failing us, our courts are failing us as an indigenous people.

The British created regulatory organisation Ofcom has not intervened to force the media who they regulate to insist on equal and honest coverage of the English, white Anglo-Saxon indigenous people of England and a political party that’s first principle is the international human right of self determination for the English nation and its people. In fact they have done the opposite by not intervening they have given tacit consent to the human rights abuse and slander/libel of our people and Nation. This has been raised with Ofcom and a previous post was sent to the media.

The law is clear

Our support for English pensioners as our secondary principle but linked to the primary function and purpose of the ECP and concern and caring about retired working class people living in poverty is not far right. Their security of our elderly and the security of our children are not far right. The security and protection of our culture and people is not far right. The independence movement and cause as international stipulates should be respected and promoted. Many nations have become independent of the British colonial imperialist rule and three four Nations within the British Isles seek independence, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with the unification of Ireland. The only Nation and people vilified, libelled and slandered for campaigning for the international human right are the English.

Lastly who are the British? The City of London, The Corporation of London the most powerful legal fiction in the world. The puppet masters.

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

One thought on “Care4Calais vs Care4England (ECP)

  1. Time is long overdue for the complete removal of all these parasites from our foreign parliament as they do not represent the peoples of this nation or the other 3 nations they were supposed to represent. It is also more important now than ever to realise these puppets have NOT been elected but selected by foreign powers for their complete distruction of, not only England & our home nations but the whole western world as we know it!

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