Complaint to British Ofcom

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International Law

COMPLAINT: English Self-Determination is an International Human Right.

Dear Secretary 

Complaint about Ofcom’s non enforcement of the English right of self determination as an International Human Right

There is no balance or fair debate by any British media on the subject of English Self-Determination as an International Human Right.  Ofcom is not enforcing fairness on the British media – with regard to England and the English and this absolute right. 

This right has been ratified by the British and is confirmed under international common law and declaration.  

The English Constitution Party’s principle and core value is Self Determination for England and the English, Indigenous English as well as culturally English. The constitution does not discriminate on the colour of your skin.  It is neither far right or far left to seek self determination for your country and your people, it is a basic international human right. 

The only media that has promoted the English right to self determination is The National news paper in Scotland.  Our independence marches are ignored and our speeches omitted.  

This information was conveyed to the media 

The extreme bias against the English should be challenged by Ofcom.  If it isn’t you clearly show that you are part of the problem and this must be addressed by the international courts. 

Published by Graham Moore

I believe in Liberty, Freedom and fairness for all. Sick of political correctness and mind and thought control. The Rule of Law, Common Law.

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  1. well said graham, thats a brilliant letter lets hope that they take notice of it, WELL DONE

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