Bitcoin vs Gold

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, you need to hear and watch this show.

Why Gold has always been money and anything else is currency. You can buy currency with gold.

Gold Gold Gold

“Debasing the coinage” refers to the act of reducing the precious metal content of coins while maintaining their face value. In English law, debasing the coinage has historically been considered an offense under common law.

During the Middle Ages and beyond, the value of coins was primarily derived from the precious metal they contained, such as gold or silver. However, rulers sometimes engaged in debasement by reducing the precious metal content of coins and replacing it with cheaper base metals. This allowed them to produce more coins and effectively devalue the currency while maintaining the face value of the coins.

Debasing the coinage was seen as a serious offense because it undermined the integrity of the currency and harmed the economy. It led to inflation, loss of public trust, and financial instability. In response, English common law recognized debasement as a crime punishable under the monarch’s prerogative powers.

Under common law, the debasement of the coinage was considered treasonous, as it undermined the authority and economic stability of the monarchy. The punishment for debasing the coinage could be severe, including imprisonment, fines, or even execution.

It’s important to note that while debasement of the coinage was historically an offense under English common law, the specific legal framework and penalties may have evolved or been modified over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on this subject, consulting legal authorities or historical sources would be recommended.

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3 thoughts on “Bitcoin vs Gold

  1. I don’t trust the “authorities” so that’s a no go & we’ve taken too much notice of those liars already ..look how bad things are now… it’ll only get worse with these dictators!

  2. The problem with gold is it’s too expensive for most people. Silver is fairly reasonable, although it is being said that people will be bartering for what they need if the economy sinks even further.

  3. I totally agree with the statement of devaluing money but keeping face value, but what is also not mentioned that the former labour government sold off the UK gold at a loss. Why? As a country we should have our own gold reserves as these are fairly immune from the markets …ish.

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