Open minds, save lives.

Watch the Water!

This video is a clip. One person ends the interview when questioned. Why?

Consider the possibility: Imagine if the water supply had been utilized to introduce a specifically engineered venom, resulting in the various symptoms associated with Covid. This introduction would have created the perception of a viral outbreak, providing the media and scientific community with a basis for advocating a vaccine.

However, it is alleged that the vaccine itself contained a combination venom, cleverly incorporated as a spike protein, while the mRNA technology ensured that humans became carriers of this venom, producing and transmitting it through droplets, breath, and even blood transfusions, in fact any exchange of body fluids. In essence, humans would metaphorically become venomous. The initial step in this process supposedly involved gaining access to the water supplies, potentially carried out by water engineers.

Curiously, why did nicotine show inhibitory effects on Covid-19? Why does IverMecTin also demonstrate inhibitory properties against Covid-19? Furthermore, why does the Labour party express a desire to ban cigarettes and nicotine products, alongside the prohibition of IverMecTin, a known inhibitor?

Even more curious is that these same “substances” [nicotine, IverMecTin, Hydroxychloroquine] inhibit snake and other venoms, inhibit means have a negative effect on the venom, they are not anti venoms but assist in your bodies defence against the effects of the venom.

Notice anything [quercetin] ?

I am merely suggesting keeping an open mind and considering alternative perspectives.

In a future legal case somewhere in an incorruptible country with common law jurisdiction.

In a riveting legal case sometime in the future, the evidence reveals a contentious scenario surrounding the effectiveness of masks and the deliberate manipulation of PCR tests. Both the medical and scientific communities were well aware that masks could not halt the transmission of viruses, yet they did prove effective in preventing the spread of droplets (venom manufactured by a persons own body). However, the situation took a sinister turn as PCR tests were purposefully amplified up to 45 times, leading to deliberate false positives for the presence of the coronavirus which never existed, the purpose of amplification was showing evidence of dead corona like the common cold. The question looms: why engage in such deceptive practices?

The shocking truth emerges as investigators dig deeper. It appears that the orchestrated manipulation of PCR tests served a covert purpose: to deceive the public into believing the existence of a viral threat that never truly materialized. Astonishingly, no concrete evidence of a virus had ever been isolated. This raises the perplexing question of motive: why go to such lengths to perpetrate this charade?

The chilling answer points towards a larger agenda: to manipulate public opinion and facilitate the widespread acceptance of vaccination. Startling allegations assert that the real bio weapon at play was not the alleged virus itself as it never existed but the engineered “combination venom” concealed within the mRNA vaccine. This calculated blend of substances led to a spectrum of detrimental effects, resembling the symptoms of a venomous snake bite. Victims experienced distressing conditions such as myocarditis, blood clotting disorders, neurological abnormalities, kidney failure and even tragic miscarriages.

As this enthralling criminal or civil case unfolds, legal teams will delve into the complexities of the evidence. Will the truth prevail and justice be served? Only time will reveal the shocking revelations hidden within this web of deception, exposing the potential dangers lurking beneath the guise of public health.

The real health issue was the bio weapon in the guise of a vaccine, the reason for its deployment, profit and population control and the inherent disdain of the top one percent towards the working class, whom they derogatorily refer to as “cattle.”.

More to come on this . . .

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  1. troika are corrupt to the core and relevant governments are complicit in the crimes against the populace

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