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The question from Dr Steve Turley; Why are So Many Farms Being DESTROYED?! can you give my comment a like please?

My answer:
How about the Russians have developed peptides that cure illness, repair body organs and its cheap and harmless. It destroys the wests pharmaceutical business model. Perpetual illness. Life span improvement to 150 years old and a biological age much younger and healthier by todays standard. Where do the peptides come from? 1 year old Calves. Can you see it yet?

BRICS + 80 destroys the perpetual debt system.

Arms manufacturers now under threat.

pharmaceutical industrial complex gone, Banking industrial complex gone, Military industrial complex gone. When will this all come to fruition? It’s happening now. Next on agenda is Joe Biden impeached, Harris impeached, Trump authorised by congress to deal with PUTIN and Xi and take down global Military industrial complex.

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