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My hypothesis; So when doctors were saying they are seeing mini clots (after vaccination and after someone caught covid, Brett was having a heart palpitations when he had covid) when using d-dimer test they were seeing a form of Amyloidosis where the body is overwhelmed with a protein storm it can’t deal with the abnormal protein so folds it and it gets stuck in various organs including brain, heart, liver, kidneys, blood vessels (all organs in including the archeries and veins, archeries and veins are an organ).  
The difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated. –  
Vaccinated – The clot shot injected mRNA that was designed for the body to independently manufacture (like a factory) “the protein” that the body can’t deal with, there is no mechanism to shut down the “production line”.  This causes a build up of the proteins. 

Unvaccinated.  Your body didn’t have the production line.  But it did have a protein storm caused by the modified virus. If you caught the virus from a vaccinated person the virus was modified by the body to be even more aggressive as a protein storm. 

In my opinion Brett survived myocarditis caused by shedding but his Kidneys absorbed the folded proteins i.e the heart cleared them but the Kidneys are connected to the heart via the main organ – blood vessels. The lungs are an organ, they cleared them. where do they end up? 

To understand the problem you need to understand this was a weapon designed to kill and break it down into actions.  hypothesis
The Amyloid is the bulletThe Vaccine is the machine gunThe Doctors were the people holding the machine gunThe scientists designed the machine gun and bullet

Just as much research went into the design of the “bullet” as the gun!  

Kind Regards 

Graham Moore 


Hi Graham,

Yes, it can cause plaque on all of the major organs, especially the brain, but now it seems that it is occurring in blood vessels in noticeable amounts.

This is my humble response to your hypothesis.  It is in my opinion always nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, especially  minerals.  One fix that cures most things.  The tricky bit is knowing what is missing.

I apologies for the length of this email – it just kept growing, but please persevere it does all connect.

John, Amy and I all had that weird flu type bug before covid, I think they named it Australian Flu and I often wonder if that was a practice run.  Amy recovered within 36 hours and Jon and I a little longer.  We were all left with a persistent chesty cough, Jon had an x-ray about 4 months later – he used to have severe asthma when he was younger – but everything was fine.  Amy then had covid-19 apparently twice.  Once with the same result as previously and once with no symptoms at all.  Amy started the iodine protocol properly (consistently) at the start of lockdown.  If your theory is correct and as Amy has to get up very close and personal with lots of people that are freshly vaccinated, why is she still very healthy?  Jon and I did not contract covid-19 (not that we know of) – we isolated with Amy and cared for her. Could it be that her immune system was and still is working well  and Jon and I – who had been taking the supplements longer – did not even have a sniffle?  I hope so.  That is why I said on one of the shows that when we are strapped for cash I try to pressure Amy to take the supplements instead of Jon and I – well that was good in theory, she is stubborn.  Bless her.

I think the bacterial infection, that we have been told is a virus, was deliberately hyped up, using false positive test results, culling our old and vulnerable people and labelling most deaths with covid using the not fit for purpose tests.  All nicely displayed as British graphs and stats – propaganda.  They had not even isolated the original virus, but then somehow they identified more variants.  Oh, and the same vaccine was miraculously effective for every strain.  In short, I think it was a bacterial infection that healthy immune systems would have dealt with, but many people are not truly healthy.  A lot of people die with flu every year – except of course during covid – they have weakened the immune system of most of the world’s population with previous vaccines, drugs, terrible water and of course nutrient deficient and often toxic foods.  We are all eating pretty much the same, Holland being the biggest farm produce exporter and we are all using the same ridiculous farming techniques, involving harmful chemicals (Bayer).  And still they sleep.

I also believe the bio-weapon is the virus and that the prototype was the Spanish Flu ‘pandemic’ – when only the vaccinated died and only of previous infections and also of what they had been vaccinated for in the past.  I wonder if we are all ticking time bomb, especially those who have received a lot of vaccines, where they inject us with ‘only’ a little bit of the disease – to make a virus.  They needed to inject the people with the ‘Spanish Flu’ (which was not flu or Spanish) virus and this present virus, which I think was and still is full of toxins and bacterial infections to weaken the immune system.  I think there is more than one type of ‘covid vaccine’.  One that causes these mis-folded proteins, one intended to stop the production of white blood cells (AIDS), other ones are placebos and then perhaps another with the original bacterial infection, which would make most of us sick, especially those with a compromised immune system.  Rinse and repeat.  Or, there may be less types of ‘vaccines’, but they are working differently depending on the efficiency of individual immune systems.

The doctor on the video says there is no cure for Amyloidosis and they then say that the bio-weapon keeps multiplying and can shed to anyone.  I can understand the logic of the extra Amyloids as apparently there are 30 trillion  proteins in a bio-weapon putting the body under stress, which would probably create even more ‘mistakes’ in the body causing more mis-folded proteins, but the cabal must know that they would be vulnerable and that they need a certain amount of sheeple.  Also, if this ‘unstoppable’ mass producing bio-weapon has been widely distributed – you would have to have the luck of the devil to receive multiple placebos – it would be mission accomplished.  Why the need for more and more ‘vaccines’ if shedding would ‘vaccinate’ us all? 

However, if the vaccinated are – very rarely – shedding spike proteins that are not prions, but apparently are just acting like prions – the amount would be miniscule compared to the ‘vaccine’ and our clever bodies if nourished would cope.  ‘They’ are relying on a believe that we are all undernourished and if we do not succumb to the clot-shot, we would be killed off with AIDS or reliant on their AIDS ‘medicine’ and thus controllable.  I worry that they will take away our ability to purchase nutrients, either as supplements or healthy foods.  They vilify most things that are good for us and the EU have already tried to take the food supplements.  They are worried about the millions of us that take supplements, so they lie about the RDA and positive results of taking them with a – you are all going to die if you take supplements strategy – even vilifying iodine and salt, which are crucial for life.  That is why so many good health experts tend to ‘kill themselves’ – the cabal feels threatened.

The part in the video where they talk about a prion crossing into another species has been done in a laboratory apparently in 2008 – evil if true.  I believe it would not happen naturally in nature and ‘they’ are trying to scare us into submission.  The so-called experts have been trying to unravel the mystery of how the chaperone system works – they know the body disposes of these problems, but they do not know how or what is used for the process.  They are also blurring the lines between spike proteins, amyloids and prions.  The medical profession really do not know.  One thing they do agree on is that it could not be as simple as a lack of minerals or other nutritional deficiencies, that are causing the problems in the first place.  They are oblivious of just how nutritionally deficient most people are, so judge things as incurable as they have no faith in well nourished bodies – only drugs and surgery.   The arrogance is outstanding and their ignorance is covered with the medical version of legalese.

I sent you the video link, because I saw a positive in it – the fact that the body deals with problems even as we sleep, if of course we are not malnourished.  As I repeatedly, or as I accused myself of sounding like a cracked record say, the answer is always nutrition and in the main minerals and amino acids.  We cannot effectively avoid the toxic sprays, water, pollution or now perhaps spike protein shedding, but we can strengthen our immune systems and pray we can cope with it.  Dr. John Bergman calls it – physical, chemical, emotional stress – our bodies are strong and very clever – when nourished.

I believe most of our children now are born malnourished, every generation over a long period have been getting weaker and weaker – slowly, slowly, just like the Fabians.  It is no wonder that our so-called experts have missed the point – they are probably malnourished too.  The lack of iodine in the mother, is the reason for cretinism in the child.  Follow this with a diet of nutrient deficient food and warnings concerning good nutrients like salt and iodine and here we are, totally messed up to the point our doctors think that they know best and our bodies are defective. I would bet that they would not call their car defective if the engine had no oil or petrol, or if they had accidently put diesel in a petrol engine, because the pump was labelled incorrectly.  We do not have to eat ‘good’ food all the time if we have the foundations set out correctly, with iodine for example in every cell where it should be.  I am not a food nazi – like Dr. Berg lol.  We can have fun.  Afterall, we could not build a strong house without solid foundations.  It is not rocket science, eat well most of the time, supplement when needed and relax, while our clever bodies do the rest.  At the moment of course supplements are essential, until this nutritional and toxic disaster is turned around.

What I am trying to say is that our bodies have been sabotaged – seemingly random problems until we join the dots – but this can be rectified and reasonably quickly too.

I did not know that Brett had contracted Covid-19 or has myocarditis.  Do you know what medication he is or has been on or if he has had any scans involving dyes?  Do you know if he has been on a low-sodium diet for a long time or blood pressure medication for a long time? 

I ask because if he has it might be possible that he has a chloride deficiency or potassium/sodium imbalance.  We get most of our chloride from salt and some crops – if the soil is not deficient!  Chloride helps nitrogen (just like sulphur), can suppress disease and help plants to withstand droughts better, although, it was/is thought to be harmful.  It seems potassium needs chloride for absorption – just like boron/magnesium, sulphur/nitrogen and chloride/nitrogen.  Yet, another rabbit-hole.

This is why the farmers want to throw more and more nitrogen/nitrate on their fields.  Itis not a nitrogen/nitrate deficiency it is a chloride or sulphur deficiency.  It is no wonder that the Dutch farmers are so upset – they are not chemists.  Nitrogen works its way into our drinking water and plays havoc with our bodies.  The rivers and wildlife are suffering too.  

Chloride Improves Nitrate Utilization and NUE in PlantsChloride (Cl–) has traditionally been considered harmful to agriculture because of its toxic effects in saline soils and its antagonistic interaction with nitrate (NO3–), which impairs NO3– nutrition. It has been largely believed that Cl– antagonizes NO3– uptake and accumulation in higher plants, reducing crop yield. However, we have recently uncovered that Cl– has new beneficial macronutrient, functions that improve plant growth, tissue water balance, plant water relations, photosynthetic performance, and water-use efficiency. The increased plant biomass indicates in turn that Cl– may also improve nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). Considering that N availability is a bottleneck for the plant growth, the excessive NO3– fertilization frequently used in agriculture becomes a major environmental concern worldwide, causing excessive leaf NO3– accumulation in crops like vegetables and, consequently, a potential risk to human health. New farming practices aimed to enhance plant NUE by reducing NO3–www.frontiersin.org

“In the late 1970s, Beaton learned of Saskatchewan trials where farmers were getting responses from rather modest rates of potash (potassium chloride or MOP), placed near the seed, in soils that were very high in potassium.

“The question became, if the soils are so rich in potassium how come this small amount is providing some benefit? Could this be coming from chloride, the other nutrient in MOP?”  

Consider chloride in crop nutrition – Top Crop ManagerAn outbreak of questions about using chloride treatments for wheat fertility and disease protection can be expected this year, says Dr. Jim Beaton, a senior agri-coach with Agri-Trend.According to Beaton, chloride fertilizer has potential to boost yields and reduce leaf diseases – but results will be highly variable. Beaton advised farmers at an Agri-Trend event to consider putting in roughly a 30 lb/ac rate of chloride fertilizer if soil tests show chloride deficiencies in fields planned for wheat, barley or other crops such as canaryseed. “It depends on where you are, but if you had a soil test that said there was less than 60 pounds of chloride in the top two feet of soil, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get a response to chloride,” says Beaton, who adds that average yield responses are five to six bushels per acre, “so it pays for itself quite nicely. For sustainability, we used to say that 30 lb of K2O would roughly replace the amount of potassium being removed in the grain. If the crop iwww.topcropmanager.com

Have they tested Brett for deficiencies?  The kidneys maintain the chloride levels, which balance our body fluids, helps regulate blood pressure, help taking nutrients (bicarbonate and chloride shift) and plasma/C02 in and out of the cells, helps with oxygenation (bicarbonate) and is needed to make hydrochloric acid for food digestion and more.  Dr. Brownstein has written a book called Salt Your Way to Health.  Salt being our main source of chloride.  He is like President Trump – always right.  He is probably just reversing everything he was taught – mirror most things.

We need chemists, that have not been brainwashed.  Lots of them, to unravel the tangled web that these evil psychopaths have spun.  Dr. Sircus has a lot to say about chlorine not to be confused with chloride.  President Trump got ridiculed for mentioning it, but apparently NASA has called it a universal medicine for a long time – some poor soul probably had to die for that.  Some articles online confuse the two elements and I think it is because some reaction in the body creates chlorine, using chloride amongst other things; like iodine and vitamin C aided by selenium to produce hydrogen peroxide in the white blood cells.  The creation of chlorine in the body is just theory NOT fact, but just try and find out how hydrogen peroxide is made in the body – it is hard.  According, to some people chlorine not chloride is needed to make hydrochloric acid to help with food digestion, similar I guess to bile and cholesterol (also vilified) and you know all about gallbladder removal.  Then other articles will credit chloride with it, maybe it is both or perhaps it gets converted like beta carotene to vitamin A – chlorine is not present in our foods.  When you hear what chlorine dioxide does when administered, especially dealing with covid, it seems like the missing link, see articles below.  The body usually deals with mis-folded proteins, so why is it failing now, to the point we need to ‘supplement’ with chlorine?  Just like we have to supplement to make hydrogen peroxide, which should happen naturally.  I know this ‘vaccine’ puts a lot of extra strain on the body, but it is as if the body is unable to fight back – as if it has been sabotaged.  Chloride was/is vilified in agriculture and then ignored.  If people on a low-salt diet are deficient of chloride – perhaps it is another missing weapon in our arsenal.  After they vilified iodine and then we subsequently discovered the very obvious lack of iodine in our diet, most people thought that would be it, take a supplement job done.  But, if you are not taking selenium (which is also very deficient in our soil) with the iodine, the thyroid will still not work, we would still not be able to produce glutathione etc. etc.   We would still be sick.

In the video below, Dr. Sircus on Chlorine Dioxide,  he says near the end that you can buy two elements to make your own chlorine dioxide – sodium chloride aka salt and hydrochloric acid – which you mix and drink.  Perhaps, we would not need to  do this if we had sufficient sodium and chloride in our bodies.  We make hydrochloric acid in the body using chloride, but only it we consume sodium and chloride, bearing in mind that most of the chloride we consume is within table salt.  Chicken and egg again.  Dr Sircus then says that he makes it another way with the same ingredients involving a shot glass, sealed glass jar and water, which produce the chlorine gas – which our medical profession are so afraid of – and this penetrates into the water.  Perhaps, this gas is produced in our bodies, but they have no idea how.  Dr. Brownstein uses hydrogen peroxide in the same way.  Hydrogen peroxide should naturally be made in the white blood cells mainly in the gut, lung and thyroid, using iodine/iodide and vitamin C, with selenium in assistance.  Dr. Brownstein bypasses the whole process by nebulising with saline, hydrogen peroxide with a drop of 5% iodine/iodide – with 100% cure success rate from covid so far.  Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Sircus are both right and they really need to talk.  I wonder is this yet another contingency plan by the body or do the lungs etc use hydrogen peroxide, but the kidneys prefer chlorine?  Iodine and chloride get credited with lowering blood pressure – everything works together.  Perhaps, the kidneys intricate pieces are cleansed with chlorine – it dissolves ‘real’  blood clots and floods the blood with oxygen – thus cleansing it, but so does hydrogen peroxide?  Perhaps, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine are the answer to the amyloid clots, or they would be if we were not so deficient of the ingredients to make the ‘cure’?  The varying amount of nutrient deficiencies and therefore different strengths of immune systems are probably why some are so affected by this toxic bio-weapon and others not so badly.  I genuinely believe there is hope and a ‘cure’.  God/nature wins.

Severe lack of certain nutrients such as magnesium have the ability to make us ‘die suddenly’.  Is the whole covid/vaccine nonsense an evil distraction?  Look over there, so you do not see what we are doing over here.  I am not saying that the ‘virus’ did/does not exist, but was the severity of it dependent on the strength of individual immune systems.  Hardly anyone is talking about planned widescale malnutrition – just the vaccine.  If awake people are talking about malnutrition, they are talking about processed foods or sugar and salt, but not about the lack of nutrients especially minerals in the base ‘good’ ingredients.  Seemingly random deaths until you join the dots.  These evil people are smart and have set trap after trap, with distractions all the way.  I am now officially a full-blown conspiracy theorist – or am I? 

Chloride and its involvement with chlorine and bicarbonate (Kidney Disease email) are one reason why my response to your email is so late and also my email concerning kidney disease, because I think chloride/chlorine are in the mix.  The other reason is my injured wrist/hand/arm – it has been at times so painful that I cannot concentrate reading these terrible ‘scientific’ reports and I lose patience and walk away.  Legalese and whatever these people are deliberately using should be illegal.  No, I am not high on painkillers – I do not use them.

I am not suggesting that we should drink chlorine dioxide, but it needs further investigation, which is difficult on the internet. Most articles are talking about swimming pool chlorine and how dangerous it is, but then hydrogen peroxide is treated with the same disrespect.  Both are natures cleansers or disinfectants and when you hear of what it can do for the body such as dissolving real blood clots, flooding the blood with oxygen, which would alkaline the body and eliminate acidosis, cancer etc. it seems like another missing link.  Something like Regeneron. 

Blood Clot Epidemic – The Kill Mechanism of COVID Injections and Infections – Chlorine Dioxide Saves The DayBlood clots have emerged as the common factor unifying many of the symptoms of COVID-19. Researchers in Germany have discovered that the virus changes the size and stiffness of red and white blood cells in the human body. Moreover, these changes can last for months, possibly explaining the seemingly never-ending symptoms of COVID-19. In December of… View Articledrsircus.com
Chlorine Dioxide the Universal MedicineSo universal is chlorine dioxide that NASA called it, in 1988, ‘A Universal Antidote.’ It is so much more than an antiseptic that only a full-blown idiot would call it bleach. The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. NASA knew way… View Articledrsircus.com

Chlorine is illegal in every country for medical purposes, except Bolivia.

Dr Sircus on Chlorine DioxideDr Sircus talks about the effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide on the K-Spike Bioweapon and the effects of the Death Shot.rumble.com
Electrolyte Imbalance: Types, Symptoms, Causes & TreatmentAn electrolyte imbalance happens when there are too many or too few electrolytes in your body. This imbalance may indicate a problem with your heart, liver or kidneys.my.clevelandclinic.org
What Is Hypochloremia?Hypochloremia is when your chloride levels are low. Learn more about what causes it, what to expect, and more.www.webmd.com

I think ‘they’ have deliberately vilified salt and created a deficiency and an imbalance with potassium along with perhaps a chloride deficiency too.  We are so out of balance with many nutrient deficiencies, but also imbalances with other nutrients.  Remember what President Trump said after he had the treatment Regeneron, that he wanted everyone to receive the treatment for free and that he felt better than he had done twenty years previously.  Perhaps, he was giving people – who know the problem exists – hope.  

Hyponatremia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & TreatmentHyponatremia is the medical term for having low levels of sodium in your blood. Sodium is important in keeping your body stable.my.clevelandclinic.org

“Hyponatremia is very common. It’s actually the most common chemical abnormality seen among people who are in the hospital and seen in outpatient clinics. Rates of hyponatremia are higher among people admitted to hospital care units or with the medical conditions mentioned earlier.”   What???  But are we not told that salt is a killer and that we should drink lots and lots and lots of water?  Sarcasm alert!   We need salt for our bodies to hold onto water.  Yes, we should hydrate our bodies, but sometimes again you can have too much of a good thing.  

HyperkalemiaHyperkalemia is when you have high potassium levels in your blood. You may not have symptoms in mild cases, but severe cases can damage your heart.my.clevelandclinic.org

Iodine has been vilified too, it is very good for the heart, immune and hormone system etc. and it should be in every cell of our bodies.  Magnesium, calcium, iodine and selenium help with a steady heart rhythm.  There may be an imbalance with magnesium and calcium, especially if boron is missing.  Or an imbalance of sodium and potassium.

“However, promising research indicates that a bio gel made from seaweed may have the healing powers that have thus far eluded them.”  See below.

Dr. Michael Donaldson says, “Iodine stabilizes the heart rhythm, lowers serum cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and is known to make the blood thinner as well, judging by longer clotting times seen by cliniciansIodine is not only good for the cardiovascular system, it is vital. Sufficient iodine is needed for a stable rhythmic heartbeat. Iodine, directly or indirectly, can normalize serum cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure. Iodine attaches to insulin receptors and improves glucose metabolism. Iodine and iodine-rich foods have long been used as a treatment for hypertension and cardiovascular disease; yet, modern randomized studies examining the effects of iodine on cardiovascular disease have not been carried out.”

Iodine Dosages, Warnings and Contraindicationsdrsircus.com
Can Seaweed Mend a Broken Heart?New research indicates that an alginate-based biomaterial injected into heart attack victims may stave off further damagewww.scientificamerican.com
Heart-healing seaweed gel gets $282 million deal – ISRAEL21cA US company has purchased a new Israeli-developed gel based on common brown seaweed that can repair damaged heart muscles after a heart attack.www.israel21c.org
Seaweeds as Preventive Agents for Cardiovascular Diseases: From Nutrients to Functional FoodsBeing naturally enriched in key nutrients and in various health-promoting compounds, seaweeds represent promising candidates for the design of functional foods. Soluble dietary fibers, peptides, phlorotannins, lipids and minerals are macroalgae’s …www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Even the NIH in 2015 (before they took $400 million from Moderna) agreed with the theory that seaweed was good for us.  I must admit I tried to read the whole very long paper, but only got to around a quarter of the way, before I started to lose the will to live and jumped to the conclusion.  I already believe what they are having a hard time in accepting – I do not need their endorsement.

So, the medical profession accept that a gel patch of seaweed containing lots of minerals, including iodine is good for the heart and tissue regeneration, but they still can not grasp that we need iodine in every cell of our bodies and also need lots of other minerals and nutrients!   Also, the doctors in the USA (at least) Emergency Rooms are giving magnesium to heart attack and stroke victims.  You are less likely to die apparently if they administer magnesium.  Like I have said before, how will the good ‘doctors’ cope when they realise that they have been misled.  There are not enough medical people awake, have they had extra brainwashing?  Or……….

Our doctors are it seems in Brett’s case recognising Amyloidosis, if they know what causes it, why do they not know how to correct it or recognise and acknowledge Amyloidosis in the blood vessel system.  I have never heard of blood vessels being called organs before – they are changing the terminology like calling a bacterial infection a virus.  Our skin is our largest organ, but I thought the blood vessels were just that and connected the actual organs in the body.  They love to make us doubt ourselves.

I think I heard Brett say one night when you called him that he had always had high blood pressure.  The heart is a pump and the body needs to pump on average 5 litres of blood through the kidneys in a relatively short time, so if there is even a slight obstruction the heart will pump harder – this is normal.  However, our following the orders doctors will try and bring down the pressure with medication, which obviously will make matters worse.  Blood pressure tools were suppose to be a guide, but now they are used as a tool to prescribe medication.  In the USA the blood pressure bar is set lower than ours, which means their doctors will prescribe the drugs more readily, but in Germany they would only prescribe medication to someone with higher blood pressure than our doctors regard as high.   I first heard this from Dr. John Bergman – he is good at explaining things in normal jovial language – it makes perfect sense.  If Brett received this medication and then of course they would probably have advised a low-salt diet as well, they would have compromised his immune system and his body would not have coped as well as it should have when dealing with this ‘virus’.  There it is again chicken or the egg.

It would be good to know if Brett has or is taking any medication or even supplements, as the imbalances of sodium/potassium, calcium/magnesium or zinc/copper can cause huge problems.  I know you think highly of the late Dr. Zelenko, but he really should have warned people about taking high doses of zinc without copper – the information is out there and people like Dr. Berg have been warning everyone they can reach.  I also never heard Dr. Zelenko speak of other important minerals like iodine or selenium, nebulising with hydrogen peroxide and iodine, or even glutathione, all harmless and natural and would have put a stop to any ‘virus’ usually within hours.  Dr. Brownstein has proven it.  I am not suggesting Dr. Zelenko was a bad person, so if he was not bad it means that he was not fully awake concerning natural ‘cures’.  There are only two explanations. 

I too do not know as much as I would like, that is why I am desperately trying not to tell people what dose of some supplements to take, but instead gentle push them into the right direction, so that they can decided for themselves.  They would know the obvious gaps in their diets, of course the nutrient deficiencies in our food is another story, which needs telling.  However, I am quite willing to tell them what I have being taking for years – I was the guinea pig – and discuss the results so far.   

Not bad for one hand – thank goodness for auto-correct.

With kind regards.


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